Now get iOS 14 Features on Android : Learn How

Every time you plan to purchase a smartphone the first dilemma you face is, whether to go for iOS or Android, isn’t it? Well, having this dilemma is quite apparent as both of them have been ruling the tech world for years now. On some days, Apple gets the aces while on other Android becomes the best title-holder. Even though both of them are coming up with amazing functionalities years by years, there is one aspect where Android is still lagging behind. Wondering what that is? Well, no one can deny the fact that Apple has amazing privacy controls. And most of the time this becomes the reason people choose iOS over Android. But wait, what if I say you can get iOS 14 features on Android? Yes, you read it absolutely right! Let me tell you how:

1. SMS Filtering

One of the amazing features of iOS 14 includes SMS filtering. I know how annoying it Is when your device inbox gets mixed up with all the messages and you cannot find that one IMPORTANT message at the most IMPORTANT time. iOS 14 has completely eliminated this hassle by developing separate folders for spam texts, OTPs, and promotional messages.

Microsoft SMS Organizer

So, to get this amazing feature on Android, you have the option to install a third-party messaging app that filters your texts. If you have no idea about such apps then I have this amazing app for your reference, and that is SMS Organizer by Microsoft.

2. Camera and Mic Indicator

This is the best feature of your privacy control. Basically, a dot indicator appears at the screen top whenever you use an app that uses the camera or mic. Now you must be thinking what is the benefit? With the help of this feature you can identify which app is pinning on you, just view the App’s name in the control center, and uninstall it anytime you want.

Google Assing Reminder

Android users definitely want this feature on their device, right? You can have it too, just install the app “Access Dots”. The best part is, You will be free to choose the color and size of the dot and yes, you can also decide where you want to place it.

3. Assign Reminder

You have reminded yourself enough, now is the time you remind others too! Confused? Let me explain it to you. This feature allows you to assign reminders to people you have split tasks with, how cool, right? In this way, your group can complete the task expeditiously like ever!

Google Assing Reminder

Android users do not need to install a separate app to get their hands on this feature. You can use Google assistant to remind you of any group you want. Just follow these simple steps:

Google App > 3-dot menu > Settings > Google Assistant > Your People

Also, if you want to customize the assignable reminders, just hit the “Services” tab under Google Assistant and open Assignable Reminders.

4. Conversation Mode

Now, this is something way too handy! iOS 14 has introduced this top-notch Translate App which works offline too, bravo! Let me explain how it works, the Conversation Mode basically allows you to say something and the voice will be transcribed on the screen through the Translation App. Also, you will get the translated audio that works sleekly.

get iOS 14 Features on Android Coversation Mode

Google Assistant can act as Conversation Mode for Android uses. Its Interpreter Mode works quite similar to the Conversation Mode, just say “Interpreter Mode” to get your voice transcribed along with translated audio.

So, what are you waiting for? Go try out these amazing alternatives on your Android Device. What you think about to get this iOS 14 features on your Android device, do comment below.

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