Not getting a blue tick on Twitter? Here’s what company said

Twitter will now provide specific reasons for your question, “Why my account verification request was rejected?” Twitter, through a tweet, announced that now the company will tell you the particular reasons for turning down your blue tick request.

Twitter restarted the account verification process after putting a stop to it in 2017. However, users, who actually have a huge number of followers on the platform, are not being verified and their applications were being turned down without giving a specific reason. This eventually led users to get annoyed and complain about the verification criterion.

In response to these complaints, Twitter said that “In response to your feedback, we can be more specific about why an application was not approved. Our decision emails will now provide more context on why requests do not meet our criteria.”

Until now, if your verification request was cancelled by Twitter, you were just provided a “request turned down” email from the company without giving any specific reasons to do so. But now, the company will be more specific about cancelling your verification request.

Apart from this, Twitter also provided some criteria for getting blue tick on the platform.

  • The company stated that for a company/brand/organisation/activist/individual influencer, to get verified, their follower count must be in the top 0.05% of active accounts located in the same geographic region.
  • The company also cleared that, ”If you are relying on a website to verify your authenticity, make sure that the account of the organisation is verified. The website must also reference your name and Twitter account.”

Also, according to Twitter, for getting a verification tick, one must fall under any of the categories mentioned below:-

An account representing prominent organizations/key government official/national-level public officer/news organisations/accounts repenting prominent film studios/TV networks/independent journalists/sports personalities/activist/influential individuals/music entities.

Also, for journalists, Twitter clearly mentioned some specific criteria and he/she must fall under those to get a verification tick. 

B Byrne, Twitter product head of verification, ending his tweet stated, “We know that generic rejection emails were confusing and frustrating for folks, so getting more specific information into the emails about verification decisions has been a top priority for our team.”

Yuvraj Singh

Yuvraj Singh


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