New WhatsApp feature: Business on the App gets easier

The new WhatsApp feature is going to make doing business on the app a bit easier. At the annual developer conference, ‘F8 Refresh’ Facebook disclosed the new features to be added to the WhatsApp Business API. Facebook is assuring that the new feature will make business on the App much easier. 

Businesses will be able to open handily and people will easily be able to connect with them. Facebook also added that creating a business account on WhatsApp will be quicker than before. That means that now there will be no need to wait for a whole week the business can be started up in minutes. 

WhatsApp Business

Larger businesses will be able to connect with customers directly over WhatsApp. The feature will enable businesses to send various types of messages to customers. The feature no longer will be under the hold of time restrictions, businesses can provide the customers with more information. Thus, it will make it easier for businesses to keep an eye on their customers.

Moreover, WhatsApp will include a unique messaging feature where the work will get completed shortly. There will be this new feature where people do not need to think and answer business-related questions. There will be three regular options to answer the question. Instead of typing, just one click will respond to the query and this way it will be easier to connect.

These exotic features in the WhatsApp Business API account will make business easier and more approachable. Yet users are still supposed to initiate a conversation by joining people via WhatsApp to propose a business. Along with these WhatsApp is also empowering the users by an option to give feedback to the business. 

They can also state the reason for blocking a business and give feedback based on their experience. This way business on the App will be more reasonable and simple. 

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