New Google Maps update is more accurate and colorful

Google Maps is the most used map in the world. Apple, although comes with a map of its own, the users do not use that but use Google. This is because of regular update and the advancements in the Google Maps. Google Maps supplies an easy UI and an attractive map. It has many modes, be it satellite, terrain, and the regular map.

The New Update

You might have noticed that Google Maps shows distinct colours for different terrains. Green for grass, blue for water, white for ice and black lines for roads. But you might have noticed that sometimes, Google Maps does not depict the terrain right. Sometimes, jungle is shown as a dessert and a dessert is shown as a jungle. Keeping this into consideration, Google has now updated its map to be more inferring and depicting diverse colours. By various, we mean, dark green for dense forest, light green for the sparse forest.

This new update will allow you to see and infer the terrain properly without the satellite option that Google Maps provides. Like the satellite, you would be able to see where the forest is dense, and where it is light. Where there is a desert, where there is a mountain. The Google Maps has now been updated to show you a better reflection of the actual terrain.

Example of Iceland Map

Google Maps new Update
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For example, you can see, the Iceland map previously was very bland. But now, Google with their new colour algorithm has fixed this. Now you would be able to see where there is a thick forest and where there is a patchier one. Google says that with this new algorithm, users would now be able to depict the terrain better than before without using the satellite option. This is because the satellite images can be a bit confusing at times while the normal map is easy to understand.

All the 220 countries would have a much-improved map now. It is assuming that the update would be rolled out in the next 1-2 days. Google also says that it is continuously working on the map to improve it further. In the coming time, you would be able to see detailed layout of streets, sidewalks, pedestrian crossing, and things that you did not even imagine seeing in the map. The update would just make a new city that you are visiting more accessible.

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