New and Upcoming WhatsApp Features that will make chatting more fun

WhatsApp is one of the most popular chat platforms in India. The platform has over 2 billion worldwide users. The widely used platform always brings some exciting features to make the user experience more interactive. Day by Day, WhatsApp is introducing some new and interesting features for the users and here we have some upcoming WhatsApp features that will make the app more interesting.

Some of the recent Features are:

  • WhatsApp rolled out Dark Mode
  • Increased group voice and video call limit from four to eight
  • Restricted frequently forwarded messages to be sent to more than one chat at a time

WhatsApp is again working on some new and amazing features, Upcoming ! What are those? Let us discover!

Multiple device support

Multiple device support will let users log-in to their WhatsApp account in more than one device at the same time. As for now, when you log-in your account into another device, it automatically gets logged out from the first device. In addition, with the help of this feature all the devices which are logged-in with the same account will receive the messages. And the earlier messages will automatically sync across all devices. It will be just like logging-in Facebook from multiple devices.

Disappearing messages

Another new update is the same as that of snapchat. We can say it is a copy of that. In Snapchat, messages disappear once the receiver sees it. This new feature will be the same. WhatsApp users will have the option to set a time limit for the same.

In-app web browser

This is an interesting feature. The Facebook owned WhatsApp will bring a new update which will let users open any link inside of WhatsApp itself i.e. users will not have to leave the app. This feature might take longer to arrive. But it is worth the wait.

Search on web

In the pandemic, WhatsApp has become epicentre of all the fake messages. So, to prevent fake news from spreading users can now verify that. In this feature, a magnifying glass icon will be shown alongside forwarded messages. This will redirect users to the web for verifying the message.

138 new emojis

The platform will now have 138 new emojis in the latest Android beta version of the app. Some of the new emojis are chef, farmer, painter among others, it also brings new ‘racial’ emojis, wheelchair symbol. This will make chatting more fun and interactive.

‘Permanent mute’ for group chats

Group chats can get annoying when you want to work, and your phone constantly beeps. With the help of this feature you can permanently mute notifications of the chats which you do not want to see, or which disturbs you.

QR code to add contacts easily

With this new feature, if you want to add someone new contact in your list, you will just have to scan a WhatsApp QR code. This will make your work so easy.

Dark Mode on WhatsApp Web:

Recently WhatsApp brought Dark Mode in WhatsApp mobile apps. And now, this feature will also be available on WhatsApp Web.

As for now, these are the new features WhatsApp will bring for you. The new features are going to be as amazing as the previous ones. There is a reason why this app is so popular. Nearly every phone has this application. WhatsApp will surely not disappoint you. All the new features are worth waiting for. What you think about this upcoming features from WhatsApp, do comment below !

Vidhi Banka

Vidhi Banka

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