New Airpods Optimized Charging feature in iOS 14

Apple keeps on growing its enhanced battery charging ability. With iOS 14, Apple says that AirPods will presently gain from your charging routine and hold on to charge past 80% until you have to utilize them.

The enhanced battery charging highlight is intended to diminish battery maturing and expand the general life expectancy of your AirPods’ battery. Here’s the way Apple clarifies the component in another pop-up message in iOS 14:

Improved Battery Charging Enabled: To decrease battery maturing, AirPods gain from your day by day charging routine so they can stand by to get done with charging past 80% until you have to utilize them.

This means iOS 14 will figure out how and when you charge your AirPods and hold up until it believes you’re going to take them off the charger to charge the entirety of the best approach to 100% limit.

airpods ios 14

Apple has revealed a few diverse battery the executives highlights to its various stages in the course of the most recent quite a while.

On the iPhone, Apple permits clients to deal with their Battery Health and limit, and handicap execution choking brought about by diminished battery limit. iOS 13 additionally discreetly included another streamlined battery charging highlight, which intends to broaden the life expectancy of your iPhone’s battery to decrease how frequently the battery remains at 100% charge.

On the Mac, Apple included another Battery Health Management highlight with the arrival of macOS Catalina 10.15.5 a month ago. This element plans to improve the drawn out battery strength of a MacBook, especially for the individuals who utilize their MacBook connected more often than not. In this circumstance, the Battery Health Management highlight will kick-in to prevent your MacBook from charging to full limit and sitting at 100% charge.


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