Netflix will allow users to use Speed Playback feature on Android

Finally, here is the feature. Netflix is going to bring the most essential feature for it’s users soon. It is going to allow you to change the video playback speed, like the feature on YouTube. This feature is not new, it is already on YouTube and many of us use this feature while watching videos. Many users wanted this feature on Netflix as well as other video streaming platforms.

This will be so helpful for those binge watchers who want to complete a series as soon as possible. This way you won’t miss any scene in between like it happens when you forward it by 10 seconds. We would want to speed up or slow down at certain scenes in a series but we couldn’t. We had to forward or backward by 10 seconds. But now the users will be able to speed up upto 1.5x or slow down upto 0.5x. It will be having 0.5x, 0.75x, 1.25x and 1.5x. On YouTube you are allowed to change it up to 2x and 0.25x.

You can also access this feature on downloaded videos. As of now it is not available on Smart TV or any smart TV sticks. It will only be available on mobiles , tablets, laptops or PC like YouTube.

This sure is an old feature and Netflix is late to have this feature on it but they have a reason for being late. Netflix has proposed to develop such a feature around last year but many creators did not like this feature and were against it as they wanted the contents to be good at normal speed.

Now they have somehow managed to bring this feature and users have to change the speed according to them each time they watch a new video. This might be only to satisfy the creators by a bit who were against this feature.

Netflix has many features in the queue such as being able to pause the subscription for upto 10 months. Before for users who did not use Netflix for a few days after taking a subscription, Netflix used to cancel the subscription but now they will be having a pause option. So that you won’t lose all your accounts, recommendations, watch history and personalized suggestions.

Netflix also seems to be working on a mobile+ plan for India for streaming HD content on your phone, laptop or PC. You can’t access it on your TV. This feature will roll out very soon and will be open to everyone by the end of next week. Do mention in the comments what you think about this feature.  




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