Netflix for Android now allows partially offline streaming

Stuck in the never-ending realm of watching more, have you ever wanted to watch one more episode of your favourite series but the data limit surfaces? Or have you been on the brink of boredom due to fluctuating internet while travelling? If yes, then this new Netflix feature will turn out to be a blessing for you. Netflix has launched this feature of watching any of your favourite web series or movies without downloading them completely.

Netflix has rolled out this feature for its users to access content without any compulsion of fully downloading them. The feature has however come out to be utilized solely on Androids and Tablets as of yet, but the company disclosed that the feature is being tested to be rolled out in iOS as well. Vice President Keela Robinson previously explained that the company has invariably looked forward to making it easier for users to watch their favorite shows without any disturbance without any factor impacting their experience.

Netflix Partially download content

Therefore Netflix has launched a partial downloading feature for users to watch the shows and movies without accomplishing 100% download to unlock the content. The testing for this feature in iOS will be accomplished shortly but for now, only Android and Tablet users can appreciate it. The company kept in mind the struggles the users go through before they could stream anything. Expensive internet, fluctuating network and mobile data limits are amongst the most common tragedies.

To resolve this issue Netflix bestowed a gift before its users i.e., to access the content even if the download was 50% accomplished, they can download it later when the stability in the network returns. Netflix has repeatedly made itself better, in 2018 it came up with a smart download feature which later came out for iOS in 2019 where the next episode in the cue of any series gets downloaded automatically and to free up space the watched episodes gets deleted on their own.

Then in February this year, they came up with another feature, ‘Downloads for you’ only for Android users where the app downloads the recommended episodes or movies on its own. This feature is also being tested to be rolled out in iOS shortly. For now, it’s great news for those who own an Android or a Tablet as they can enjoy these stress-free details. 

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