Motorola Razr (2020) 5G : Specs and First Look

Flip-phones had a different definition a year ago. Due to the advancement not only in technology but also the hardware, flip-phones have been redefined. It is not the traditional keypad on one part and display on the other anymore but much more. Now, it is one whole display which can get folded. Many smartphone companies, like Samsung which has introduced its Galaxy Z-Flip, and Motorola  which launched its Razr flip phone with flexible OLED screen last year. The Razr flip phone was well received amongst fans and that prompted Motorola to work on their Razr 5G (2020) model which they will be launching soon. 


Motorola has improvised the last design of their Razr flip-phone. To give a tough competition to other companies working on the new gen of flip-phones, they have given the new model a sleeker and classier look. They have made the efforts to reduce the bezel size both above the screen and most importantly below. Seeing the leaked pictures by EVleaks (@evleaks), it is noticeable that the company has removed the fingerprint sensor from below. The sensor might now be embedded inside the screen or on the power button on the side. 

Motorola Razr 5G

The Motorola Razr 5G is expected to have a 6.2-inche Flex View P-OLED flexible display. Not only this, but the phone would come with a secondary display at the back, turned on when the phone is folded. This would be a quick view G-OLED screen of 2.7-inches. 


The company is said to improve the camera quality immensely. The last model of Razr had a 16-megapixel rear camera and a mere 5-megapixel front camera. Well now, the company has up their game and is going to have a 48 megapixels rear camera and a 20-megapixel front camera. 

When talking about software, the company would obviously be pre-installing Android 10 as it is the latest version. 

Processing Power

The latest and the most renowned processor in the market right now must be the Snapdragon 800-series chipset. But, Motorola plans to use the Snapdragon 765. The reason for such a that foldable devices or to be precise, foldable screens are expensive to manufacture. The company wants to keep the price low but at the same time offer its users an experience of 5G connectivity. Hence the best chipset in the market would unquestionably be the Snapdragon 765 chipset which supports 5G connectivity. 

Accompanying the chip-set would be the 265GB storage coupled with a fast 8GB RAM. This would be a boost over the 128GB ROM and 6GB RAM used last year. 


At this stage, some things such as the placement of fingerprint sensors or the price are uncertain. But when looking at their effort to reduce the price, like the last model of Motorola Razr, the company might launch this phone at quite a reasonable price. The new Motorola Razr (2020) 5G is expected to enter the market in September this year.  

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