More than 1.8 lakh petitions signed against Facebook to drop the plans of Instagram Kids

Earlier, The CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg had revealed this year that they were working on an Instagram edition that would be suitable for Kids. This version will be quite different from the version that we use as well as an agreement for the kids under the age of 13 to sign up. The confirmation was previously made during a US Congressional hearing on misinformation that hasn’t been in much favour for social media. More than 1.8 lakh people have signed petitions requesting Facebook to scrap plans of making an Instagram for kids as confirmed by some reports.

There are three separate appeals filed by three non-profit organisations, Campaign for a Commercial-free Childhood, SumOfUs, and Juggernaut Project, which states that the current version of Instagram, is not suitable for children under 13. These organisations stated to USA Today that they are planning to submit these petitions to Facebook on May 26 before the company meets annual shareholders.

Josh Golin, The Executive Director of Campaign for a Commercial-free Childhood claimed that they will not allow Instagram to use kids as “pawns in its war against the TikTok.” Josh said “Teens and even adults on Instagram struggle with the never-ending focus on appearance, the relentless fear of missing out, promotion of influencer culture, and the pressure to collect likes. Instagram for young children is among the greediest, most tone-deaf, and wrong-headed ideas ever to emerge from Silicon Valley.”

So, In the upcoming days, we might be able to see some more updates on Instagram, which is meant for kids under the age of 13 years. Till now this is all that we have about the Instagram kids and we will surely inform you when we get more information regarding this matter. Follow Tech Aedgar on Google news, Instagram and Facebook for more updates regarding Tech. 

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