Mophie brings a new wireless battery charging case with grip stand

Mophie, the well renowned and used brand which is known for its smartphone battery packs, has again hit the headlines now. The newly launched battery pack by the team is something new. It uses a modular system to get the case attached to the back of your phone. Yes, the creative idea can be implemented with your smartphone with its Juice Pack Connect working. The phone can be wirelessly charged with the Mophie juice pack connect wireless battery charging case and getting fixed at the back of the smartphone.

With the Juice Pack Connect incorporation, you can basically charge many devices wirelessly. The clip mechanism used to build it will lead to Qi charging. Now, users will not have to face any issues of suction cups to keep the phone, and the case stuck together. Go for the wireless charging case for the modular system. In worst cases, if your battery pack dies too, you can smoothly go for another pack without any hesitation to keep the charging going on. Talking about the battery, the pack has a 5,000mAh. You can charge the Juice Pack or go for charging another device with it. It supports USB-C port and Qi support. But we still do not know about the wattage as it not officially announced yet.

Mophie juice pack connect wireless battery charging
Image Credit: Mophie

Upcoming changes in the case:

Mophie’s only motto is to make its products more user-friendly day by day. So, for now, the brand is incorporating a phone grip stand. The grip stand has to be fixed to the anchor point when you are not charging your phone. Well, the idea is genuine, marvellous. Mophie is currently looking to develop the case more. It might include the change in some of its other products soon. Well, the price of the Juice Pack Connect is a bit high. It is around $79.95 but maybe the product worth the price tag that comes with it. What you think about this portable wireless charging case from Mophie, do comment below.

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