Microsoft Windows 11 gets its first beta release

Microsoft is pushing outside the developer channel for early releases of Windows 11, which will be launched later during the year. This means that you do not have to be a programmer to try Windows 11. The Windows 11 beta release is available to download and this comes one month after the company released a dev preview for Windows 11. The dev preview users will need to have a pc which is compatible with Windows 11 and those who already have the dev preview, will have to perform a clean installation of the Operating System.

For people who want to shift to dev preview to new beat build, they will need to go to settings, then click on Windows update and once the screen appears, they will need to click on Windows insider Program and then choose their settings. As stated earlier, doing so necessitates a full OS reinstall but a Windows Insider Twitter account claims that it will be possible to do that for a limited period of time without reinstalling the OS. That means the first beta can be installed by selecting the “Beta channel” from the “Windows Insider Program,” and the update will be applied after your computer has been rebooted.

The processors which will run on Windows 11 are in a long list but at the moment, 7th Gen Intel and AMD Zen 1 CPUs will also support Windows 11. These two CPUs were previously excluded from the Windows 11 system requirements but the company reversed its decision because of the backlash and criticism received by the audience. After their reintegration, we still do not know whether these would be successful as of yet.

Because the developer builds are buggy, Windows 11 beta is the best way to learn about Microsoft’s upcoming operating system. It has a completely new look and adds to the start menu to the middle. The start menu feature, albeit optional, gives the menu a whole new look and feel about it. Microsoft has also added the feature where the user will have the option of running your android apps natively on Windows 11. New system icons, New system sounds, number of new widgets and obviously the all new Chrome, brings about a completely different feel to your laptop screen. 

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