Microsoft to Give Best Integrated Experience to Android in Windows 10 with “Your Phone”

During this pandemic, everyone is working from home. For many, their travel time decreased but workload is still the same, for a few, even more. While working, you would not want any disturbance or distractions but you need your phone to attend calls. The problem here is, if you keep your phone near you, your social media notifications will surely distract you. Microsoft has now come up with a solution for this using Windows 10’s Your Phone, keeping all the factors in mind.

You are working on your PC and you want to access your phone. What will you do? You have two options, one, to switch the device in your hand or two, to access the other device on the computer/ laptop you are working on. Yes, it is possible now! We are not talking about sharing screens and giving remote access now. We are talking about accessing the applications on your phone anytime you want, we are talking about literally picking up calls that come to your mobile via your laptop. Yes, it is here now!


Microsoft recently introduced the “Your Phone” application. They teamed up with Android to give its users the ability to access their phone through their PC running Windows 10. The hassle of finding your apps when your phone is mirrored will now disappear. This is because Windows 10 has provided a user interface that has all the apps, photos, messages and contacts your phone does. It’s arranged in a very orderly manner and you can multi-task with different apps running at the same time. Samsung, at its Unpacked Event held on the 5th of August, announced this new feature that Microsoft has brought working along with them.

Microsoft Your Phone
Video Credit: Samsung and The Verge


You have a picture on your phone that you want to use on your PC. Initially, you used to email yourself that picture and then download it from there. But now, you will be able to access your TOP 25 Latest pictures in your mobile. Without any back-up or any other sharing option you will be able to do this easily. You can copy, share, edit and do whatever you like with the photos that you see on your PC.


Like phones, the “Your Phone” app would also have a notification option which you can turn off or on according to your preference. You can also turn on notifications of some apps and turn off for the rest. 


If you do not like the interface that Microsoft hand-in-hand with Android has created for you, you can always access your screen as it is on your PC without using third-party apps. Many video calling apps that run on phones do not give the choice of sharing screen. Whereas on computers, this option is there on almost every video calling app. Hence this can be used to share your mobile screen on a video call via your PC.


Now, there are many options to get your photos, or to access your WhatsApp but there are no options to send messages via your PC. You might have just wished of it till now, but Microsoft has brought it to you. Now, you can directly message, be it SMS or MMS, you will be able to do both without accessing your phone.


There are many online calling platforms available right now. Yet, many people still prefer the traditional way of calling others using their sim. PCs (except a handful) do not have any sim slot and this takes away the functionality of calling or receiving calls via PC. Now, Microsoft allows you to take your calls from the PC itself. When a person calls you on your mobile, the laptop will also ring. You can pick the call up and talk without the need of using your phone. You can also call others!

This new partnership is just transformational. This is what people wanted, something everyone was waiting for. Although it was hard, Microsoft with Android has now done it! This feature has already launched and I have already started using it. I must say, if you want to focus on your work without distractions, this app is for you. If you have breaks in between your classes and you have left your phone outside your room, this app is for you. Hats-Off Microsoft!

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