Microsoft Teams will get a variable playback feature soon!

Microsoft is planning on introducing a new feature “variable playback” to Microsoft Teams. And, this new feature will prove to be helpful to users, while reviewing recordings on the application. Actually, the “variable playback” feature is going to launch on Microsoft Streams, also known as Microsoft 365 Service, later this year. Microsoft Teams will also benefit from the aforementioned feature.

New variable playback feature in Microsoft Teams will allow users to change the playback speed of recorded meeting sessions. As explained by Microsoft itself “For Teams meeting recordings saved to OneDrive and SharePoint, you’ll now be able to change the playback speed (0.5x-2x) while watching the video.”

Along with this, Microsoft is also planning on enacting a change; apparently this will enable the automatic recording of all meetings held over Microsoft Teams. Earlier, the meeting organiser or admin had to have this feature turn on, but not anymore.

The rationale behind introducing this feature is to provide flexibility to participants/ & absentees’, so that they don’t miss out on any essential piece of information (in case you get late or maybe the internet is not working properly). Plus, this feature also inclines on providing a tool which users can consult later on, for transcripts, link & attachments shared over the meeting.

All the meetings recorded automatically will be saved under the archive folder, which users are welcome to utilise later on. The feature will also help users to pay more attention on the crucial segments of videos and also to pass over the not-to-necessary stuff by fast forwarding it. As Microsoft is working on improving its accessibility features for those with hearing impairments, this feature comes under that.

Chetna Singh

Chetna Singh

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