Microsoft Surface Duo is almost ready to launch

The upcoming Surface duo from Microsoft is going to be released sooner. We have expected the launch of this device at the end of this year but from recent rumors the device has been found in FCC( Federal Communication Commission) and Bluetooth SIG certification listings. Devices listed on these listings will mean that we can expect the launch anytime soon.

Microsoft’s device is going to be android powdered and won’t be Microsoft’s software. The device was originally unveiled by Microsoft in October last year at a press event in New York city.

The device is going to have a very tough competition from the upcoming devices from Apple, Google, OnePlus and especially from Samsung’s galaxy Z fold 2. But, no much worries to Microsoft, the device is going to be different from the others by having a dual screen, both separated from each other unlike the foldable display like in galaxy fold series. Yes, it won’t be having a foldable display.

That means Microsoft Surface Duo is going to be more durable than the fold. It comes with a slim-neat looking hinge. The device will be folded like a laptop, and will be so much more comfortable for multi tasking purposes like it is easier to read, watch videos, read eBooks and play games. A lot of expectations are up for the launch of the ambitious surface duo but we didn’t get to know about too many features. Microsoft has mostly remained silent all this time .

Microsoft Surface Duo

Apart from having android on it , the device will be having the Snapdragon’s 8 series, probably the Snapdragon 855 chip with a RAM of 6GB and up-to 256GB of ROM. The size of display will be 5.6” on each screen and giving an overall size of 8.3”. The device is going to have a single camera on it.

Wondered why I’m calling it a device and not a phone ?

Well, Microsoft told that this device is going to be called a Surface , it is not actually any phone or tablet. It is a companion device to Microsoft’s laptops or tablets. But it does support phone features like calling, messaging, etc.

Microsoft is working on the Windows 10X which mainly works on dual screen devices. The device will be having only one camera on it. Also it won’t be having a 5G support on it. The other features are yet to be revealed and we will wait to know more of it. The release date can be expected by August or mostly September.

The starting price of the Microsoft Surface Duo would be from $1500, approximately Rs. 1,12,000. Also do mention in the comments if you’d prefer a foldable display screen or two different screens. According to me a separated display is better mainly focusing on multitasking. Microsoft will surely make the software and user interface good enough for the unique design of the device.  



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