Microsoft Family Safety App is all set to ensure Healthier Digital Habits

Microsoft Corporation is an American multinational technology company, and i am sure that Microsoft is a part of your day to day life. Majority of individuals use something or the other launched by this company. And now it is back with yet another new and interesting innovation to be part of our lives. The company has launched Microsoft Family Safety App for all Android and iOS. This app has been available for limited preview since May.

What is this App all about?

  • This app will allow users to monitor and manage their family member’s screen usage time and activity to ensure healthier digital habits.
  • It will help to protect the family’s digital and physical safety.
  • It will also allow users to add filters to limit or block browsing on specific sites.
  • Weekly summaries by Microsoft Family Safety will give summaries on app usage and most frequented websites.

Benefits for Parents:

  • It can act as a tool for parents, to help them to keep track of the activity of their child, across multiple devices.
  • They can also set time limits for specific apps and games and desired apps can be blocked as well.
  • The app will also have a location sharing feature which will allow parents to be up to date of their child’s location. For instance, it will notify the user when their child reaches or leaves school or to some other places.

In the current pandemic situation, this app really proves beneficial for both adults and kids. Due to online learning, usage of smart phones has increased among kids. They have also learnt how to use multiple smart devices. With the help of this app, parents can keep a track of sites visited by their kids. They can also keep a track of time spent by their kids on this device. Also, mis usage of technology by teenagers is increasing each day. They are visiting sites, which are not meant for them. Parents can keep a check on this activity with the help of this application.

In addition to this, because of work from home scenarios, the usage of smartphones has increased among adults too. People have free time and no such significant work to invest in. This growing usage is harmful for both physical and mental health. So, families can keep a track of their digital time limits with the help of this application.

This application surely has some good features. Notably, the app also syncs across Windows OS, Android, and Xbox, for managing screen time across multiple devices. This means you cannot cheat this app by swapping devices to get extra time. It has the power to make life more disciplined among all generations of people. And it’s Microsoft, so we can trust them with our data and information. The Microsoft Family Safety app is now available on Google Play and App Store for iOS users.

Vidhi Banka

Vidhi Banka

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