Mi 11 Ultra Shipments delayed in India, Xiaomi shows disappointment as the circumstances go beyond their control

The Mi 11 Ultra which stood head to head with Apple’s iPhone 12 Pro Max, has now come up with some new news. Previously, this phone was launched in India along with the other Mi 11 editions i.e., Mi 11X and the Mi 11 Pro and was also mentioned on the Xiaomi India website.

Now, the manufacturer through their official Twitter handle has declared about the delaying of the shipments of this device. They said “We know that you’ve been waiting eagerly to know more about the sale date of Mi 11 Ultra, but before we could respond to all your queries we wanted to be certain about a few things at our end” followed by a letter attached with it which shows their disappointment towards the delay.

The fans were initially excited for this phone as it was excellent in terms of camera, music and gaming with the latest Snapdragon 888 processor. It has an excellent triple camera setup(50+48+48) which is quite destructive and it also features a 5000mAh battery with 55W fast charging which would run for longer hours. Especially, the Indian gamers were especially waiting to test the stability of this device while playing heavy games like PUBG Mobile and CODM. But through a survey conducted by India Today, it has been confirmed that a lot of users were eagerly waiting for this device but due to its delay, they have expressed their anger.

The Chinese manufacturers had initially declared the device on 23 April 2021 for the Indian Markets and they didn’t talk anything about its launch dates. Now when the six weeks have already passed, they have disclosed this delay. This reflects the unplanned strategy of this Chinese smartphone brand which is not appreciated by the Indian Mi Fans. They should have made a proper plan for its launch.

For time being, they have mentioned their disappointment for the delayed shipments as the circumstances are beyond their control. They still don’t have a fixed date of launch or a timeline. We expect that they will be back with some well-planned strategy for the Mi 11 Ultra in the upcoming weeks.

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