McBroken launched to keep a track a situation of ice-cream machines in McDonald’s.

The launch of McBroken by a 24-year-old engineer took the tech world to such a level that the website is now a legally recognized one. Rashiq Zahid came up with an idea to track down all the ice-cream machines. To be more specific about the machines that are not working or broken. McDonald’s, a famous place to hang out, is known for the amazing ice-cream that it serves. Using the website, people will quickly understand that whether the machine in their nearby place is working or not.

The story behind the website:

The 24-year-old engineer always was interested in apps, and when visited, the McDonald’s located in Kreuzberg faced the same issue that usually others face “No ice-cream available.” He came up with a solution to solve the problem. Well, he initially tried the McDonald’s app, but nothing came up. Being a reverse- engineer, he was always interested in apps and exclaimed that he build a bot. The bot was used to add a McSundae in his cart every minute. It was later blocked up by the app. Then he later set the time for 30 minutes time span so that it adds the item.

McDonald's ice-cream McBroken

Testing of the site:

After making changes in the time-frame, he noted that if the bot adds the items to his cart, then McBroken detects McDonald’s location, which is ready to serve ice-creams. Whereas if the bot does not count the things, the website will show a red spot at the area with a machine that is not working or serves ice-cream. The green dot refers to the place where the machine is working to visit the site easily. There is also a column on the right-side which displays the statistics of the non-working machine.

The working of the site:

Zahid went on to test the bot by going through 1500 locations in Germany and placed each order by himself. When he checked the app and the results were compared, he said that the website works fine and shows correct results. He currently runs the site that costs him around 5 dollars monthly. The website got 10,000 people visiting his website within half an hour of the launch.


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