Linc pen & Plastics Limited launched a new ‘Pentonic Covid-19 Killer’

Linc Pen & Plastics Limited is an Indian stationery manufacturing company. It is based in Kolkata, India. The company has launched a new ‘Pentonic Covid-19 Killer’. It is a finger-free touch device. The aim of the device is to keep users safe in case of unavoidable physical contact. So, it is the new smart gadget to protect you and your family from Covid-19.

Pentonic COVID-19 KILLER, is a pocket-sized, retractable sterilizing marker, designed to keep people safe in cases of unavoidable physical contact. In daily life, we come across several instances, when contactless work is just impossible. Some such instances are elevator buttons, doorbells, card swipe machines, ATM buttons, and many more.

This device measures 122mm in height and 20mm in width. It is a smooth, white, plastic body, operated with an easy push button. As per Linc, the device functions as an extension of one’s index finger. As a result, it becomes incredibly portable and can be carried in one’s pocket anywhere.

 How does Pentonic Covid-19 work?

  • The device has a Push Button Action, which can help users in taping at surfaces without touching them. So, for instance, if you want to use the elevator, and are afraid of touching its buttons, you can easily use this device to press the button. Doesn’t this sound quite helpful?
  • It not only reduces contact and contamination but also sterilizes the surface with its ethanol-based ink. The ink is refillable too.

So, it also reduces contact and kills germs. Two benefits in just one device. It is an easy to use small device which can become your guard when you step out of your home. This mighty weapon can save you and your Family from Covid-19.

The above-mentioned features are enough to convince someone to buy this device. The device is also quite affordable. It is priced at RS. 150. So after paying Rs.150, you can use this device for months, by simply refilling its ink. It is a cost-efficient and convenient product, which can be used by students and office goers too.

The device will be available at retail stores, stationery shops and pharmaceutical chains. It will be available across all key cities like Kolkata, Delhi, Gurgaon, Jaipur, Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, and Trivandrum by August 1st week. It is also available for purchase in e-commerce sites like Amazon and flipkart.  These cities comprise major Covid-19 cases. So, it can prove a real Life-Saver device for the people who live there. And we can surely trust Linc.

Vidhi Banka

Vidhi Banka

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