Lenovo teases Yoga Pro 13s Carbon coming with Tiger lake Processor

Lenovo, the Chinese electronics manufacturing company, has teased a new laptop to their ThinkPad series of laptops. The latest announcement of Lenovo about the five new Devices into the Yoga lineup was sudden and also did not have any single word about the company’s one of the best laptop series, the ThinkPad X1 Carbon series. Now, Lenovo teased the new Yoga Pro 13s Carbon laptop with some professional features.

The five new yoga lineup devices came with AMD APUs and the latest generation of Intel core processors. Lenovo’s ThinkPad laptops are the company’s flagship devices that come with high performance features mainly suiting for heavy-duty work users. It is a favourite laptop for many professional users, this is really good news for the ThinkPad lovers.

Lenovo Yoga Pro 13s Carbon is expected to come with Intel’s Tiger Lake processor with up to four cores and Intel’s Xe-LP integrated GPU for the powerful performance, as always. As the name of the laptop suggests, it will be featuring a 13-inch screen with 16:10 aspect ratio and 100% of the sRGB colour space display (considering the previous laptops of the series).

Another feature of the screen is the 2560×1600 resolution display that comes with prying eyes protection for those longtime users, and is no surprise for the Lenovo’s ThinkPad Notebook users. On a whole the display will be the best with the vivid colors that go comfortable on eyes.

As per the official information, the laptop will weigh 995 grams (2.2 pounds which is 5 grams lesser than a kg), offers high performance, is made of carbon, and it looks most attractive and best in white. The audio features will be handled by the Harman subsystem for premium audio experience. The notebook will be easy to carry considering the size and weight of it.

It is also expected that the laptop will come with a 50-Wh battery that longs for upto 16-hours, as per some reports. There are many more professional features that will be available on the Notebook, purely dedicated for work purposes.

The laptop will be equipped with a fingerprint scanner and hopefully a face recognition feature for the biometric security purposes, like the previous models of ThinkPad notebooks.

There is no much information about the availability of the product, it was actually teased only in the Chinese market. We will have to wait for the company for any further announcements of the laptop and it’s global availability.



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