Leaked memo shows OnePlus became a sub-brand of Oppo

At the start of this month, there was news that both the companies will be merging, however, no information about the extent of closeness between these two was revealed. But now, a leaked memo has clearly indicated that the OnePlus is now a sub-brand of Oppo.

Both the companies are trying to come up with a greater operating system than their current ones, though, it is not revealed yet whether the OxygenOS of OnePlus would merge into the ColorOS of Oppo, or vice-versa. Both the companies haven’t answered back to any query on this “merging” topic. 

Earlier, OnePlus Co-Founder Pete Lau announced the merger, “after seeing a positive impact from the existing collaboration, OnePlus decided to “further integrate” its organisation with Oppo”. 

Now, famous tipster Evan Blass has leaked some internal memo on his tweeter, informing about the merging between two companies and suggesting that OnePlus is now a sub-brand of Oppo.

The following statement in the memo clearly informs about the OnePlus and Oppo merging, ”With the merging of both the firms, we will have more resources at hand to create even better products. It will also allow us to be more efficient in our operations.”

However, OnePlus will continue to work as an independent company while being a brand under Oppo due to the merging. Also, according to the leaked memo, the consumer data that OnePlus collects will only be stored in its own OnePlus’ servers even after the merge.

As both the companies will still go on working independently, there will not be a considerably different experience or change for the users of both companies except the operating system their smart devices will work on. But still, we can expect that the merging of both the companies will surely lead to new technology and feature development in future.


Yuvraj Singh

Yuvraj Singh


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