Jio will offer Sega Sonic Hedgehog 2 and Streets of Rage 3 on its JioGames platform

In this modern gaming generation, we find different gaming platforms all across the internet. Let it be Steam or Epic Games, these are the most efficient gaming platforms today. However, these are meant for playing PC games and for the Android platform, we have with us the Google play games that give us a platform to play thousands of games. Apart from this, we now have an emerging platform for playing games i.e, JioGames. We might soon see two of the most popular Sega games on JioGames.

This platform is now providing us with an opportunity to play multiple games for free. Now, there is a small piece of news that is rolling out, however, boosting the popularity of Jio’s gaming platform will be a major challenge. Jio is planning to bring two popular SEGA games i.e, Sonic Hedgehog 2 and Streets of Rage 3 on JioGames. Sega is one of the most popular gaming companies which is the first one to launch its gaming consoles. 

Now, its tie-up with Jio sounds interesting and these popular games would add wonders to Jio’s gaming platform. Sonic Hedgehog 2 is the most popular game of the 90s in which the main mission is to stop Doctor Robotnik who plans to steal Chaos emeralds to empower his Death Egg Space nation. However, the Streets of Rage 3 is a 90s fighting type game that could be played in multiplayer mode. 

These games would be available in the JioGames App which can be downloaded both on Android and iOS devices. Rather than this, it would also be available in the Jio Setup box which also has a JioGames application that makes it playable on Television. This setup taken by Jio could make the JioGames achieve a big milestone. 

SEGA is a most popular and promising platform in terms of the quality of its game and its tie-up with Jio would do wonders.

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