Jio might introduce an affordable 5G smartphone by Diwali this year

Get ready to witness the launch of a new affordable smartphone from Jio by Diwali this year. As reports suggest Reliance has shook hands with Google, and is all set to launch an affordable yet powerful smartphone.

You can expect its launch before Diwali (if reports are true). According to conjectures, as of now the smartphone is under testing phase, at Dixon Technologies, Flextronics Technologies, UTL Neolyncs, and Wingtech Mobiles.

The phone is believed to be an extremely-low-cost 5G smartphone so far, which will run on Android 11. Reports suggest that launch of this “Jio-Google ultra budget friendly smartphone” might take place at Reliance AGM 2021, scheduled on 24th June. 

However, neither Reliance Jio, nor Google has said anything about the upcoming smartphone’s launch date yet. Also, both the companies have kept specifications of their upcoming smartphone under the sheets so far. 

But, there are few rumours about what we can expect from the upcoming Jio-Google smartphone. Let us take a look at those details.

The most distinctive quality of the upcoming Jio-Google smartphone is its price. In keeping with reports, the smartphone is expected to be priced at as low as 2,500 INR. 

A spokesperson of Reliance last year said that “Jio wants to bring the device for less than Rs 5,000. When we scale up the sales, it can be priced in the range of Rs 2,500-3,000.” Reliance is looking to help people using a 2G feature phone to leap to an affordable 5G smartphone.

Even at this low price, Jio promises to bring a smartphone running on Android OS. We are not sure about which one of the Android versions it will offer, but it is believed to be optimised for entry-level phones, along with low RAM & internal storage.

Not just Google, but it looks like that Jio has made deals with other flagships brands such as Qualcomm, Intel, Facebook & etc. to deliver a low-cut yet a powerful smartphone. We can either expect the cheapest SoC or an exclusive SoC, specially designed for entry-level smartphones. 

And lastly, according to a report posted last year, Jio is going to launch as many as 200 million smartphones and has also ordered manufacturers to do so. And there is a possibility of a 4G variant as well. 

Just remember that all these details we shared are based on several reports & rumours, so we would recommend you take them with a grain of salt. However, we expect to learn more about it on June 24th at Reliance AGM 2021. 

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