Is your WhatsApp chat safe? Here’s the truth

Many say, this ‘end-to-end’ encrypted app called WhatsApp is not as safe as it asserts. Multiple times, it is reported that the government or the app-makers have access to people’s chats, media, audio and other files. They say, even if not fully, partially yes.

But why would anyone even want to read these chats? Well, why not? In today’s tech-generation, WhatsApp is not just an app, it is a platform. Everyday, billions of people pour out their mindful thoughts to each other through the app, they chat about politics, money, entertainment, news and even sometimes, confidential data. Unbeknownst of the fact that somebody out there might actually be infiltrating their privacy. But this isn’t entirely true, it is a rumor! And rumors can be as baseless as they can be. In fact, a recent rumor said that WhatsApp will now have ‘three blue ticks’, indicating sender, government and receiver. See, that is how rootless things can go viral. There is nothing like ‘three blue ticks’ on WhatsApp, neither will it be, as of now. The message is totally fake, spreading like wildfire through social media.

WhatsApp is a safe application. Being used by billions of people worldwide, the app has a strong stand in its privacy policy and encryption. It makes sure that your information stays between the people communicating directly, nothing goes haywire. Recently, there was havoc about the new policy and update, but WhatsApp has clarified saying that user’s privacy won’t be harmed in any case in any manner.

Be it or not, the Facebook-owned app has seen its own set of ups and downs, from becoming the most used app in the world to becoming a said-threat to the privacy of it’s users.

But one thing has to be mentioned right here, right now.

WhatsApp has been a very genuine platform for chatting, broadcasting and much more. Questioning its state of authority is not a wise decision.

According to Indian Government’s new IT law in which the government is asking to access encrypted chats for reducing the crime rate. However, WhatsApp is against those laws and has already filed a case against the government.

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