iPhone now lets you find the perfect mask for yourself through its 3D Face Scanning App

Since wearing a mask has become the NEW NORMAL, every business is trying to explore this area in one way or the other. We can say Apple truly identified your problem of finding the perfect fitted mask for your face using an iPhone, hence it has blown in with an A-OK solution. Now I know you are confused about how Apple can help you find a mask. Let me explain: basically what problem do you face after getting a mask for you? For some the basic standard size of a mask is too large and for some, it is too small to even cover your nose and mouth together.  

So keeping that in mind, Apple introduced Bellus3D FaceApp in its App Store. This app helps you find the perfect-sized mask for you by using the TrueDepth cameras of the Face ID module so that it can create the 3D model of the faces. When I talked about the Face ID, you must have understood that this feature only works with iPhone X and above models (sorry, but hard luck the rest of iPhone users). Also, just the iPhone users are in the groove as this feature is available for iOS devices only and Android users have to wait for their turn.

Most of you might already have heard about the Bellus3D app as this one was originally developed to make 3D models of faces by taking 3D facial scans of users (quite innovative). Using this app, developers can put the faces in games and other similar areas. Now, a new mask filter has been added to this app to help you find the perfect mask. Also, by using this app you can make a mask for yourself, just get the 3D print of your frame and get to the work (easy-breezy?).

Those who are still confused let’s give you a clear picture by describing how exactly this app works:

  1. Install the app from the App Store and grant it the required permissions (only if you wish to)
  2. Now your selfie camera will be opened in order to do the face scanning
  3. You will see an outline on the screen where you have to position your face until it turns green
  4. Now, tap on the shutter button available at the bottom in order to start the scanning process Note: Don’t worry if you face problems in exactly fitting your face into the outline, you will hear the cues to turn your face left and right.
  5. Once the scan is completed, you will see a 3D model of your face in the app (make sure you are looking good)
  6. At the bottom Menu bar, you will see the new Mask Options
  7. Here comes the main point, you have to pay for whatever mask frame you want to buy. Basically there are three frames: Standard, Tall, and Premium (don’t be disappointed, this will be worth the purchase).

After you buy any of these frames, the app will fix the mask on your 3D model face and this is how you will get the exact dimensions of your perfect mask using the iPhone. Don’t forget to get the 3D print so you can have the physical frame and then you can make your mask easily.

Jasmeen Kaur

Jasmeen Kaur

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