iPhone 13 to feature a stronger MagSafe connection and a larger wireless charging coil

It was on 13th October last year when Apple launched its latest iPhone 12 Pro and the fan club is impatiently waiting for the next in the series “iPhone 13” to take off at its earliest. A new video published by YouTuber EverythingApplePro with some leaks from Max Weinbach divulges some of the particular features that the upcoming iPhone 13 model is expected to bring into the world. The launch of the successor is expected somewhere at the end of September.

The leak however does not provide a lot of information but showcases some vital features that are expected to exist in the upcoming iPhone 13 which will exclusively make things easier. Some common improved features that the iPhone 13 will clasp follows- the refresh rate will be greater, there will be new chipsets, larger battery life and much more but significantly as per the leak the smartphone is expected to support reverse wireless charging.

Apple’s smartphones have supported wireless charging ever since 2017 when the iPhone 8 series came out. It was anticipated that the iPhone 12 will have the reverse wireless charging feature but sadly the feature was not spotted. Hopes are now up to iPhone 13 and the leak explains the changes that are to be made in the coils of the smartphone to support reverse wireless charging so that the users could charge other devices like AirPods via the smartphone itself. 

To facilitate this feature in the device there will be a powerful arrangement of magnets on the rear to support the MagSafe Technology and larger wireless charging coils will balance the effects of the MagSafe Magnets. The larger wireless charging coils will moreover expand wattage and will promote incredible heat management.

Another leak says that the company will bring a portrait mode video option to the smartphone which presently is only supported by 3rd party apps and FaceTime. The period of launch is not very far and everything will get more apparent shortly. Stay tuned with us to know the latest updates.

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