iPhone 12 Series Full Specifications and Price in India details

Apple launched their iPhone 12 series and HomePod mini as a virtual event due to this coronavirus pandemic, which gave us a pre-recorded apple announcement video. It is the second virtual event apple has hosted so far, following one in September. On October 13th, iPhone launched its 12 series featuring some of the biggest changes to the iPhone lineups in a long time. iPhone has released 4 new models: iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max with new designs, all series having edge screens, OLED screen, rebirth of slick MagSafe that offers fast wireless charging with no charging adaptations, new camera tricks, new colors with colored glass backs. Here are the full specifications and price in India details of all the iPhone 12 Models.

The 5G Speed – Most Highlighted

Most phones have released 5G devices but it’s the first time that Apple has taken this exciting step of introducing this 5G connectivity into all new iPhone 12 series. Speed of the 5th generation wireless network technology would be significantly faster and more capable than the previous. In order to take advantage of this technology iPhone has upgraded to 5G connectivity, but this connectivity is limited and the world is not yet ready to experience it.

A14 Bionic – The Fastest One

The iPhone introduced A14 Bionic processor contains the next generation neural engine which is faster than last year’s processor in iPhone11, facilitating the gaming and augmented reality more effectively. The A14 Bionic chip is based on 5nm technology and the iPhone 12 will be the first to have it.

The providing of MagSafe inside the iPhone will come with a whole new set of smartphone centered accessories. Apple has also made a new step on minimizing the package of the iPhone which helps to save space while shipping.

iPhone 12 Mini

Apple introduced the iPhone Mini with great new features starting at the rate of $699 with a 5.4inch screen. It is mini when compared to the other models launched along with it. But we can’t say it’s the smallest version of the iPhone because Apple has already introduced a 3.5inch size earlier. iPhone mini comes with MagSafe, 5G connectivity, Super Retina XDR, Ceramic shield, A14 Bionic, Dual camera system, Wide and Ultra-Wide-angle camera, aluminum design and in 5 colors.

iPhone 12

With 6.1inch size and with the same feature of iPhone mini, the iPhone 12 has increased to the rate of $799.


iPhone 12Pro starting at the rate of $999 is 6.1 inch with more premium stainless-steel design in four new colors with triple camera system, telephoto, Wide and Ultra-Wide-angle camera with 27% better low light performance and LiDAR scanner. iPhone Pro Max shares the same features of iPhone 12Pro, with HDR video and 6.7inch starting at the rate of $1099.

The iPhone 12 Pro is slightly inferior to the iPhone 12 Pro Max camera. iPhone Pro Max has a 47% large sensor that would provide an improved dynamic range and better low light performance. iPhone 12 Pro has 52mm focal length and iPhone 12 Pro max has 65 mm larger focal length which could offer better captures than iPhone 12 pro.

For ultra-wide image the iPhone has updated the camera system to include lens correction because the iPhone 11 pro camera faced this issue of getting a distorted image at the edge which could only be fixed by an image editor. iPhone 12 series has increased the water resistance up to 6m and 11 series had only water resistance up to 4m. That’s all the specifications of iPhone 12 that Apple introduced recently.

Price in India

SizeiPhone 12 MiniiPhone 12iPhone 12 ProiPhone 12 Pro Max
64GB₹ 69,900₹ 79,900
128GB₹ 74,900₹ 84,900₹ 1,19,900₹ 1,29,900
256GB₹ 84,900₹ 94,900₹ 1,29,900₹ 1,39,000
512GB₹ 1,49,900₹ 1,59,900
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