iPhone 12 and 12 Mini Battery capacities revealed

Apple officially never revealed the detailed spec-sheet of the iPhone ever. Administrative filings and tear down reports of the most recent iPhone 12 series are the best way to locate the genuine specs. Having said that, the battery information of the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Mini has revealed from administrative archives that Apple filed for approval of sale of iPhone 12, 12 Mini in Brazil. Here are the actual battery capacities of the latest iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Mini. The battery capacities Pro and Pro Max version of iPhone, haven’t been revealed yet.  

The iPhone 12 is supposed to be fueled by a 2,815mAh battery while the battery capacities of the iPhone 12 Mini is claimed to be 2,227mAh. Apple claims a video playback of as long as 15 hours for the iPhone 12 Mini while it is 17 hours for the iPhone 12. In Brazil, Apple will give sub-6GHz 5G and 4G. It is just in the US that quicker mmWave backing will be accessible. Apple also has uncovered the costs of fixing the screen of iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Mini in the US.

DeviceBattery CapacityVideo PlaybackAudio Playback
iPhone 12 Mini2227mAh1550
iPhone 122815mAh1765
iPhone 12 Pro2815mAh1765
iPhone 12 Pro Max3687mAh2080

iPhone 12 display repair pricing.

As per Apple US website, It will cost $279 to fix the display of the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 models, out of warranty. In India Apple hasn’t uncovered the specific screen fixing costs yet. The Ceramic Shield spread will undoubtedly increase the cost of repair further in India as well.

While Apple is offering profoundly tough glass in the displays of iPhone 12 seem promising however as long as it’s glass it can generally break. On the off chance that you end up breaking the display of the iPhone 12 expect to pay more. When compared with fixing the screen of the iPhone 11, it cost $80 more. The iPhone 11 comes with a screen fix cost of $199. In India, the expense of fixing the iPhone 11 screen can anywhere be around Rs 20,000. It very well may be much more depending on the type of damage.

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Yash Modak

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