iOS 15 Best New Features: Must Check Out

The first day of the WWDC 2021 wrapped up everything related to the updates about the upcoming iOS 15. Although the iOS 14 was a splendid update, Apple announced the features the iOS 15 will clasp while launching it by the end of this year. The new update is going to bring along with it some life advancements and is presently kept under the developer preview. In the next few weeks, the advanced Operating System will undergo Public beta as per plan.

The iOS 15 will have modifications in the FaceTime App to manage calls, exotic notification experience, deduction in the distractions, Apps like Safari, Weather and Maps will undergo design-related modifications and also mutated privacy features. There are a lot more changes that Apple introduced during the first day of WWDC 2021.

Best 15 New iOS 15 Features

  1. Modified Notifications
  2. FaceTime Video Mode, Mic Mode and Cross-Platform Compatibility
  3. Improved Spotlight
  4. New Focus Mode
  5. SharePlay
  6. Privacy and App Activities Tracking
  7. Redesigned Safari Browser
  8. 3D Apple Map
  9. Wallet with new functionality
  10. Improved Photos App
  11. New Weather App UI and features
  12. Health App
  13. Notes
  14. Find My App
  15. Offline Siri

1. Modified Notifications

The new iOS 15 is going to clasp the modified Notifications App for additional relaxation. The best change they made is that it will display images of the people from the contact and also the popping up notifications will have a huge icon so that they can be easily identified.

Notification iOS 15

The all-new update is more devoted to its user. The notification summary feature collects all the unimportant notifications and provides them to the user at leisure that is either in the morning or in the evening. The on-device intelligence with the help of other apps facilitates notifications to arrange the pop-ups according to the priority. The most appropriate notifications come to the top and the ones at the most priority are directly conveyed to the user.

2. FaceTime Video Mode, Mic Mode and Cross-Platform Compatibility

FaceTime iOS 15

Spatial Audio in iOS 15 is a new feature that makes the user feel that the voice is coming directly from the place where the person is on the screen while on the video call. The behaviour of the microphone can also be shifted to adhere to the voice of the speaker only separating it from the background sounds. The priority of the sound can also be shifted to the background sound as per the requirement. People will be able to keep an eye on more people while on the group video call. The portrait mode is to blur the background so that the person comes to focus and if the call gets on mute then there will be an alert to remind you about the muted call.

FaceTime is also available for Android and Web users.

FaceTime Android iOS 15

Creating links for FaceTime is now possible in iOS 15. You can create a link and share it across apps like messages, emails or any outsider app. The links provide the access to FaceTime for Apple users but now not only the apple users would be able to FaceTime with a FaceTime link but even web users or Android users can access those links. With this feature, you can compete against other meeting apps since anyone can join and privacy is assured. The app is end-to-end encrypted and Apple means it when they say it.

3. Improved Spotlight

The spotlight in iOS 15 will use in device intelligence to find the photos as per the scene, location and other details of the picture. The new live-text feature will help the app to read out texts and handwritten notes in the pictures to identify them. Spotlight can now be accessed from the lock screen itself. You can also search for apps to download.

Spotlight iOS 15

The app also shows the recent conversations and images shared and even the location if shared by the Find My app. The app shows the results of your contact list and recent activities. There is also an option to search on the web where you can get a huge number of images for your search.

4. New Focus Mode

Focus Mode iOS 15

Focus is a new feature in iOS 15 and as the name suggests it is to ensure that the user is receiving the notifications as per the priority. This app automatically keeping in mind the user’s preferences blocks the undesirable notification and the app and the status that the person is busy is displayed on the sender’s messages.

5. SharePlay

This is the best feature that Apple has introduced in iOS 15. Excited to know more? Here we go 

SharePlay iOS 15

The feature provides the users while FaceTime with access to play media. Yes, you will be able to share media be it a movie, music or TV shows. The control over the media display will be given to all the participants during FaceTime to pause, play the media as per their will. 

Screen sharing is also an additional feature and you can show what’s on your screen to others while on FaceTime. These features together make your FaceTime more exciting. Apps like Disney+ will be participating with SharePlay and yes, you’ll be able to watch a movie together, anytime, anywhere with whoever you want.

This feature will apply to all Apple devices including the Tv to enhance the experience of watching media on a bigger screen while being on FaceTime. 

6. Privacy and App Activities Tracking

Privacy has always been the biggest concern and in iOS 15 a feature named Mail Privacy Protection lets the user know when and where the data was exposed. You can enable mail privacy and your IP address will be made hidden so that no one can view it. 

App Tracking and Privacy iOS 15

A new privacy report is passed which contains information about all those places which have your data like microphone, camera, location etc. The summary lets the user know what has been shared with these and the activity of the last 7 days. The feature ensures the utmost privacy and keeps an eye on everything.

7. Redesigned Safari Browser

Safari too comes with a completely modified design in iOS 15. The compact button resides at the bottom so that the user can easily surf through the tabs. Tabs can also be saved in a folder to later access them across the devices. The control comes to the bottom to easily reach it out. It also gets a mobile web extension and a whole new distinct personalised start page. 

Safari iOS 15

There is also a new facility by which you can drag and drop the link from Safari to any other app. All you need to do is long-press and carry the link to another app and paste it there. You can also select any text from Safari and choose to translate it into the language you prefer. 

8. Maps

There will be a new Moonlit display feature to make it more accessible to use the app at night. The graphics on the app will be more detailed and in 3D format. Details will be attached to homes, buildings, etc. There will be a different colour for the roads and the labels will too appear differently and also the landmarks will have different tags.

Apple Map iOS 15

The Maps app will provide the user with a 3D view of the path with every detail like the lanes, turns and crosswalks. This application will also be available in Apple CarPlay. Transit Navigators will make it easier for the user to keep a record of their favourite route and pinpoint their destination. The walking direction is the new thing the users might come across which will create the path for the users from the walking point of view. They will need to hold their phone and the app with the help of the camera will display the perfect paths.

9. Wallet

Wallet iOS15

The wallet will have sections for different types of cards in iOS 15. The keys for home, office, hotel and more. The citizens of the US will be able to add their identical cards like the state ID or the driver licence to the App. Apple says the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) is working on security checkpoints on airports to use digital identity cards. 

10. Photos App

The photos app will be an incredible adventure. The app is syncing itself with the Apple Music App and the memories will be exhibited a bit more differently. Each time a memory comes up it will differ in the design and portrayal. Not only this the memory videos will be attached to the music and will suggest the best song to be added to them. 

Memory in Photos App iOS 15

The music suggested will be chosen by the Operating System based on which will suit it better and together with the choice of your music the best memories of yours will make you travel through wonders. You will be also able to change the data related to the picture and the feature Exif data allows you to go through the data behind any shot.

11. Weather

Weather iOS 15

The Weather App is also going to be exciting in iOS 15. There are more graphical displays visible on the app related to the weather. There is a format that changes as per the situation outside and has a full-page map too. The app accurately informs about the weather conditions outside and the pictorial display makes it more clear to detect the position of the sun. Also, the app provides alarms on when the rain and snow might start or stop. The weather app is more detailed now with better visual depictions. 

12. Health

Health iOS15

In iOS 15, health is more prioritised and the health-related reports can now be shared with anyone. The App will now be more attentive towards the health of the user and will suggest changes in the lifestyle for a better outcome. To manage the drop risk the app will now keep a record of the walking constancy. The app in iOS 15 will be more practical and cautious.

13. Notes

The notes in iOS 15 will follow the tag system where the user will add tags to the notes to find them easily afterwards. The notes that have been shared will have a record of the activity and will provide information on who last modified the note. The complete edit history and updates can also be advised.

Notes iOS15

There is an additional feature where you can simply open your camera and the text written on any paper will be copied to your notes which means you will not have to type it on google with the help of the camera will automatically write it for you. 

14. Find My App

The app is improvised in iOS 15 to find out the lost or demolished devices. The live streaming of the location will now be possible. Friends and members of the family can share their location and you can keep a live track of the movements. iOS 15 will let you track your iPhone and iPad even if it is turned off.

Find My iOS15

There is a new find my widget option to find them by just a peek at the location. Find my assistance will also be added to the AirPods Max and AirPods Pro. The new Separation alert reminds the user if they miss any device at an unrecognised place. The alert is for all the devices marked in the Find My app and automatically alerts the user about the device that is left behind.

15. Siri

Siri will now be reading out when asked to read what’s on the screen and also will announce the notifications on the AirPods in iOS 15. To come out with more specific results and responses Siri will refine the request on-device.

Siri iOS15

Offline Siri is also available and will perform tasks that require no internet connection. That is Siri will now be there even if you are not connected to the internet and will perform various offline tasks.  

There’s More

The version will be available for all prior devices. There is also a recent Live Text characteristic that allows the user to copy or highlight a text in the image. With the help of the on-device intelligence, the text can be used by Spotlight to recognise an image. The feature also enables the user to take action accordingly by the Camera App. The dictation is also faster than ever. You can speak as fast as you want and the typing speed will match you also there is no time limit because it is now offline!

The new translation feature makes it fluent to translate the text. There are two mics available one at the bottom and another at the top inverted. So now you can communicate with anyone who does not speak your language and the app will translate your thoughts as if it’s a normal fluent conversation.

While setting up a new iPhone, you can easily transfer data to the iCloud App on a temporary basis without a subscription, but now the Move to Clouds make it easier to back up all the documents. Also, there will be more fun emojis and stickers on the Memoji. There will be a whole new set of outfits, headbands, glasses and a variety of eye colours. 

As part of iOS 15, the “AirPlay to Mac” feature lets iPhone users share their screen with Macs running macOS Monterey. The new Shared with You attribute grounds the TV shows, articles, photos and music that is shared in the messages. For all of You is the new aspect that came out on the TV App. This feature collects all the movies based on the attractions of the user or the whole family. And yes, the feature will also be compatible with all the phones including the 6s.

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