iOS 14 and iPadOS 14, How to Reduce Loud Audio on Headphones

All of us know how self-indulgence “listening to the music on full volume without interruption” is but we forget the fact of how adversely it could affect our ears. Apple’s giving a thought about such a worrying situation is worth the appreciation. You are already enlightened with the “Hearing Feature” introduced with iOS 13 last year. This feature was found in Apple’s health app to defend your ears against the risk of a high level of sound while wearing headphones. Likewise, Apple is going to introduce this feature with iOS14 and iPadOS 14 again this time. But as we know how iOS 14 features have put people in a frenzy of delight, this hearing feature will be introduced with a lot more advancement. Here I have some tips to reduce loud audio on headphones on your iPhone/iPad that run on iOS 14 or iPadOS 14.

Now this hearing feature will be able to measure the volume of your music in REAL-TIME and it will reduce the loud sound automatically (quite thoughtful it is). While advancing this feature, Apple has put the health dangers on priority this time. This feature is pretty much straightforward as it tells you about everything, like the headphone audio levels over the past hours, days, and weeks.

It is important to know which headphones are compatible for iOS 14 Reduce Audio feature before we proceed further

AirPods and AirPods are on the top of compatible devices list, other than these there are some compatible headphones too. It is also said that Apple is going to increase the compatible device soon in the future (cross your fingers if your device is not on the list yet). Although it is assumed that the health feature will work better on Apple’s wireless earphones than any other headphones, this is not the time for disappointment.

You SHOULD know which sound is considered to be “OKAY” and which is “LOUD”

If you are listening to music at 80 decibels (dB) for more than 40 hours in a week, then you are definitely planning to harm your ears. And suppose you increase 10 more decibels and make it 90 decibels (dB), then you could be a victim of hearing loss just after 4 hours a week. Again, if you increase10 decibels and make it 100 then listening to even a few minutes for a week could cause hearing damage (now that’s scary). So it is always advisable to keep your decibel level at 80 or below.  

Learn how to reduce headphone audio on your iOS 14 and iPadOS 14:

  1. Head to the Settings App on your iPhone or iPad
  2. Go to ‘Sounds & Haptics’
  3. Now click ‘Reduce Loud Sounds’
  4. Slide the toggle to activate Reduce Loud Sounds
  5. You can adjust the decibel level by using the slider. By doing this, your iPhone or iPad will automatically reduce the sound on that level (I’d suggest you set it below 80 to completely protect your ears)

So this is how easily you can adjust the volume of your headphones and prevent yourself from any kind of hearing damage. Enjoyment is important but never forget safety comes first!

Jasmeen Kaur

Jasmeen Kaur

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