iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 Developer Beta 3 released: What’s new ?

It’s time to re-explore your experience with the iPhone! Yeah, you read it right. As you know that Apple is all set with its beautifully designed biggest update ever, it introduced its developer beta 3 of iOS and iPadOS 14 this morning. Because of the testing period going on, these changes might be a bit less discernible, but we HAVE to know them anyway, right? So, we’ve gone far to muster up all the new information about this beta version just for you.  

iOS 14 developer beta 3

Although this beta version is just to filter and alter some of the features, I’m sure you must be exhilarated to know what exactly they are. So let’s take a sneak peek:

New features and changes in iOS 14 Developer Beta 3:

  • Entrancing Brand New Music Icon: Time to get over the white and multicolored music icon. Apple has changed it for the better! With iOS 14 beta 3, you will see the music icon in red and white color. It’s going to look more beautiful than ever.  
  • The clock widget has changed: This is something you’ll be surely glad to hear. iOS 14 beta 3 has added a new clock widget where you can see a city or time right from four places around the world. This is going to be super useful trust me.
  • A New App Library Pop-up: Apple adds another interesting feature in this iOS 14 developer beta 3 version. Now, all the iPhone holders will see a new app library pop-up when you swipe over to see it for the very first time just after the update.
iOS 14 developer beta 3
  • Your Music Library has a new look now: Music Library is the most frequently visited place so it HAS to capture your interest, right? Now you can see some red texts in your music library. Also, there will be some amazing icons right next to the Songs, Artist, Playlist, and Albums sections. You won’t be seeing any red button because now a grey button has taken its place. Well, I’m not done yet, now Apple Music widget is red instead of white. Too much to handle?
  • Pop-up to reorganize the widgets: Yes, there is another interesting pop-up. In iOS 14 beta 3, you will see a pop-up to reorganize your widgets for the first time you swipe over into Widgets.
  • Changes in your screen time widgets: Knowing the usage details of your top apps has become easier. This new feature lets you know the complete details of the top apps you’ve used during the day.
  • Screenshot Delete interface has changed: Just a minor feature but worth noting. Now you will see a bit changed interface whenever you will delete a screenshot.
  • 5.8 inches iPhone holders, this is for you: Now you have a new display zoom for your 5.8 inches iPhone, like iPhone X. You can view all the icons and texts in a larger font.
  • Wow! You can hide home screen pages: Now this is amazing! By long-pressing the Home Screen, Apple shows you a pop-up where you will know that you can hide Home Screen pages by tapping on page dots. I know you surely wanted this, don’t you?  
  • Even your memoji has a mask now: This new memoji mask will keep you reminding how wearing your mask is so important.
  • Share your Apple Music right on Snapchat: iOS 14 beta 3 lets you share your Apple Music to your Snapchat through the share sheet.
  • Something has been disabled: Yes, now the 3D touch has been disabled permanently on devices which were 3D Touch-Enabled earlier.

So, this is it! Aren’t you just thrilled to experience all these features? Don’t worry; this amazing update is worth the wait. Till then we’ll keep you updated with other updates and features. You can download beta profile for your iPhone from

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