Intel launches its brand new Tiger Lake H-series processors for different devices

Intel has just launched a new series of Tiger Lake H-Series processors. It is also known as the 11th gen Intel Core eight series processor. These are the powerful mobile processors that you may see in laptops and small or micro form factor computers, and there are new Xeon mobile processors. 

The company launched ten new processors, i.e. 5 for the consumer market and 5 for the commercial market. So, with the consumer market, they have got two i9s, which is fully unlocked and one i7 and two i5 processors. Now on the commercial side, they are launching two new Xeons. So, the W11-955M processor will be their new Xeon flagship processor. Now, all the processors can be ranged anywhere between six to eight cores.

All the processors will support DDR4 RAM at a maximum speed of 3200 MHz. Intel did hint that it can also go beyond that through overclocking. But officially, it only supports up to a full speed of 3200 MHz. All these processors will be running on the 10nm super-fin tech process, and a few of them will have the world’s fastest single-threaded mobile processor at a max speed of 5GHz, and that’s using the intel turbo boost max 3.0 tech. 

Intel has also informed, it has three times the platform io bandwidth for PCIe 4.0, and of course, It has got support for thunderbolt four which goes up to a maximum data transfer speeds of 40 gigabits. It has the new intel killer wifi 6e; these are for the next-gen networking devices that you will see rolling out in the future. These would give us much faster network and bandwidth capabilities. They also said they had got 44 PCIe lanes, so we are getting a lot more bandwidth which is fantastic.

Intel did show us a few competitive benchmarks by comparing the new i9 11980 HK with the 10980HK processor, and they were both paired up with the RTX 3080 card. In gaming-wise, we can expect between 5-20% performance for games. They also compared it with the AMD Ryzen 9 5990HX processor, and they report it can be anywhere between 11-26% faster than the AMD processors. As per the office and professional applications, they said that they could be anywhere between 11-29% faster than the 10th gen intel core. 

Intel has also informed us that they have more than 80 devices designed with this Tiger Lake H-series processor. Hopefully, after this launch, they might launch their new products with this Tiger Lake H-series processor. 

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