Intel 12th gen ‘Alder Lake’ – the first 10nm desktop processor

Intel 12th gen Alder Lake-S for the mobile and desktop segments will use a larger LGA 1700 socket which means Z490 motherboards just coming into play that may last for at least three future generations that is “Alder Lake-S” and two of its successor. Intel 12th gen will follow the 11th Gen ‘Tiger Lake’, which is expected to be launched in September this year but will be available for some segments of the laptop market. It would sign the end of the LGA1200 socket for the benefit of another socket. May this will be the first 10nm mainstream desktop series processor and this could have both PCIe 4.0 and DDRF at 4800MHz to begin with to keep pace with AMD Zen 4 chips.

Intel 12th gen Alder Lake is expected to arrive at the end of 2020 or in the beginning of 2021. It is expected to sport a mix of high-performing Golden Cove and power-efficient, eight environment friendly Gracemont cores with completely different configurations for various PC and presumably server segments. The Golden Cove cores could bring better performance with AI tasks and give the processor more instructions per clock. Maybe Intel also has a six-core version of Alder Lake. The six “big”-core variants of Alder Lake-S are going to have a thermal design power of 80 watts, while the 16-core version can go up to 125 watts. It will depend on Intel’s integrated GT1 graphics.

Intel Alder Lake

Intel’s plans to move to a hybrid desktop architecture with Alder Lake. The hybrid design, also known as “big.LITTLE,” will allow the chip to use the low processor cores for handling low- level and background tasks, while switching to high-powered cores for applications that require more performance. As the code reveals, Alder Lake will be Intel’s second hybrid configuration built using large ‘Core’ as well as small ‘Atom’ CPU cores, in addition to IO processing and special-purpose logic. This feature will help to pass-on lower priorities background tasks and sensor activity processing to the lower-power efficiency cores; which will reduce overall power consumption. This would follow the recent launch of Intel’s ‘Lakefield’ CPUs, which are marketed as Intel Core CPUs With Hybrid Technology.

The CPU will be powered by integrated Xe Graphics. This new generation does not bring any big surprise as the architecture remains the same and Intel has increased the number of cores and the operating frequency. Videocardz qualifies that this will be with one DIMM (memory stick) per channel, and when using two DIMMs per channel speeds will top out at a slower 4000MHz.

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