Instagram will soon allow users to post from web

Instagram is continuously working on making the app more straightforward and has prioritised fulfilling the needs of the users. The photo-sharing app is testing its new suggested post feature in the news feed with a segment of users to carry out changes to make the app more entertaining and engaging. Recently, Instagram started rolling out a new feature that will allow desktop users to post from a website.

From a report that was circulated last month, a new feature appears to come up where users will be able to post pictures and videos from the desktop website. Matt Navarra was the first person to notice this functionality and he shared the screenshots performing the same. He left the public stunned and then people tried to do the exact thing but it turned out that only a few users were allowed to execute this operation. 

This signifies that Instagram is testing this new aspect and has not yet made it accessible to all the Instagram users out there. The company is watching over people for feedback to pop up so that they could decide on whether or not to roll out this feature publicly. 

The website on the desktop lets users edit and apply filters to Images and Videos as in the mobile app. Matt shared several screenshots exhibiting the process to post with the desktop Website. The procedure to post on Instagram via a desktop website on Mac OS or PC is similar to how one does on the mobile app; the option to edit, create, publish are all the same.

Instagram post from desktop

To post via the desktop Instagram website, on the webpage click on the (+) icon on the top right corner then select an image from your PC or Mac OS, select the image size, apply filters as per your wish and accordingly post it as you do on the app.3

If you are eager to try out this new functionality you can follow the above-mentioned steps to check if you are among the selected users else if it will get approval then it will soon roll out globally. 

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