Instagram testing a new suggested posts feature, will allow users to manage their interest

Owned by Facebook, the Instagram photo-sharing app last year came out with a new feature called suggested posts which amassed a huge number of favourable feedback from the users. Now, the app is planning on expanding the content that the users come across and forthwith some recommended posts will show up in the feeds of the users. 

These recommended posts are prioritized above the posts shared by friends or the person a user follows and will be based on the interests of the user. Instagram is testing this feature with a limited number of people to record their experience and to know more about how users like their recommended posts in the news feed to be. Whether or not they like these recommendations before their friend’s posts, if the feature gets a green signal then it will be available worldwide to be used.

This new Instagram feature will also enable users to select the topic for their suggested posts. According to The Verge, these suggested posts might appear before posts, videos, reels or IGTV videos of a friend or the person who the user follows. The news feed of a user will be a mixture of both usual posts and the recommended posts based on their liking. 

There is also an additional facility for users who are using this feature, if they do not wish any suggested posts to appear in their feed they can pause it for 30 days but there is no report on getting rid of them completely. 

The suggested post feature came out in August 2020 and showed the users the content similar to what they follow or share most after they receive the ‘You have all caught up notification’. However, this feature that is being tested on a fragment of users, the recommended posts based on preference will appear in the news feed before the posts of the person you follow. This shows that Instagram has taken the feedback on the suggested posts seriously and plans on expanding the coverage.


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