Instagram Story Tricks – How to make it cool ?

The most active users on Instagram are compared with other social media sites, making it one of the top sites. Instagram is an incredible platform for sharing posts, stories, reels, IGTV videos, etc. You will learn some Instagram story tricks in this article, and you will be able to impress someone with this type of story tricks.

Instagram is now used by most users, as they post stories and photos every day. Others, however, post their stories and images more attractively.

We probably won’t get many followers if we post simple stories. It is much more likely that people will like our stories if they are modified and edited before posting. The number of followers will increase after posting cool stories using Instagram story tricks.

Lets take an example

If we have some nature images and want to post images on stories

instagram story tricks

If we post this directly on Instagram, people will feel bored. Now I am suggesting one application that will play a great role and attract people to watch stories.

I will suggest a StoryArt application to modify photos. Let’s take the above photos and try to modify them. We will place these photos into one photo and let’s look.

About StoryArt:

StoryArt provides templates in which we can place photos. This app also has a pro feature in which you can buy some premium templates. There are also free templates which you can use without paying.  

After using templates

instagram story tricks

This story will make a difference. If we post this story instead of a simple story, more people will attract and we can gain more followers.  

How to use templates ?

When you open the StoryArt application they will suggest some templates. You can choose any of them. After selecting templates, you will see a plus button and there you can add photos.  

More Photos using StoryArt

instagram story tricks

Download StoryArt

Play Store Download – Link | App Store Download – Link

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