Instagram Nametag is now replaced with QR Code

Instagram has recently launched a QR code feature for all profiles globally, that might have already rolled out for your profile.

How to generate QR code for your profile?

Just go check the option in settings menu on your profile and tap QR code. It then generates a QR code that can be scanned from any camera supporting QR code scanners. This is how you can generate a QR code for your Instagram profile.

Previously we had a similar feature but they did not use QR code, rather they used some unique nametag sticker type which are to be scanned by opening Instagram camera, but now the QR code can be scanned using your camera that might support a QR scanner or any third party QR code scanners. The QR code will be displayed along with the username of your profile.

You can customize your QR code from the given options, which would be :

  • Color
  • Emoji
  • Selfie

In the ‘color’ option you will have the QR code with your username and a solid background color, which can be changed by tapping anywhere on the screen.

In the ’emoji‘ option you will have the QR code with your username on it and the background will be emojis, which can be chosen from all the emojis available on Instagram. This will actually look cooler than the color option.

The other option is ‘selfie‘. This is a bit more crazy than the other two, you can click a picture of your face using the camera along with the face filters that are available.

How to generate Instagram QR Code

On choosing one, your face will be displayed in the background. This feature was launched in Japan last year and now they have brought up this feature globally.

It is mainly used by people who run their business on Instagram also, and during advertising this QR code can be displayed for contact purposes or just to follow the profile. Displaying QR code cards in various places by various businesses is not new, and was used by many like in restaurants where you had to scan the QR code to get a menu in your phone, instead of a physical one.

They did not use the Instagram nametags as it required us to open Instagram and then scan the nametag. So now you can use the cool Instagram QR codes to advertise your business profile to display store timings, location, offers and various other things that are easier to scan.

Many apps had their own QR-like system, including Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, and Spotify among which only Twitter had actual QR codes. Just around a month ago, WhatsApp acquired such a feature of QR code which when scanned displays the WhatsApp contact information.

It seems like Facebook is working to bring a lot of new features to it’s apps in the future.

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