Instagram launches Security Checkup: Here’s how you can secure your account

Instagram has finally introduced a new security checkup to prevent accounts from being accessed by unknown users. Just like any other social media app this online application also faces cybercrime threats. So, users have to ensure that they are taking proper precautions to keep it secure. New features included by Instagram will walk users through the procedures necessary to protect their accounts. Checking login activity, verifying profile information, validating accounts with shared login credentials, and updating account recovery contact information are all included in the new security feature.

Instagram Security Checkup will guide people, whose accounts may have been hacked, through the steps needed to secure them.


Following are some ways to enhance the security of Instagram account:

1. Use security checkup

Users can check the login history of their account and change their recovery contact information, such as their phone number or email address. They can also log out of a place or device if they notice a login that wasn’t done by the user themselves.

2. Check where the account is logged in

Users can check the place and device on which their Instagram id is logged in or have been login in the past. They can get the list under Settings > Security > Login Activity.

3. Enable login request

If users enable their login request they’ll be notified whenever someone tries to login into their account from a different device. Users can deny or accept the request through their already logged-in device.

4. Never use the direct messages to send information to ‘Instagram’

Instagram will never contact their user through direct message. If the firm will have to share any information it’ll mail the user on their linked mail id. So, one should never share important credentials to any id claiming itself as Instagram’s official id.

5. Update linked Email and mobile number

Instagram contacts the user in case it notices any suspicious activity on their account hence it suggests that users’ linked E-mail id and mobile number should be updated regularly. So that the firm can notify the account holder easily.

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