Instagram extended the duration of Reels to 60 seconds

Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms owned by Facebook, and the most admired and the mightiest of all social platforms has added some new features to its app. The new 60 seconds longer Reels features will come into action starting today and this is a new step by Instagram to compete with its sole rival TikTok. The features will be a blessing for all those users who wish to make their Reels stand out. Continue with the blog to know everything about the new features. 

The social media giant Instagram shared a tweet today with its main account and stated “Reels up to 60 seconds starting today.” and the image below showed how impactful this feature will turn out to be. The social media app has extended the size of its short effective clips called Reels to 1 minute. That said, now users can create Reels 60 seconds long. However, when Instagram first launched the Reel feature last year it had an option of creating them for 15 seconds only which was later extended to 30 seconds and the new update that popped up recently confirms that the Reels can now be made in 3 different durations.

These Reels are noticeable in the feeds of those friends who follow you if you have a private account and anyone can see them if the account is public. Reels have always been an interesting aspect of Instagram which differs it from any other social media app and now the extended duration will let users include all the details which they were not able to include in the 30 seconds Reels before. Users can now also use stickers and captions in their Reels which was earlier a part of stories but now the audio can be converted into texts to be displayed in the Reels.

Along with this Instagram took an initiative to safeguard the privacy of its teen users who are under 18 and enjoy surfing on the social media app. Instagram will make their account private by default if the 16-year-olds choose to manage the app and if they already have an account they will receive a pop up containing a list of benefits of having a private Instagram account and the app will moreover keep spam away from these freshers. The features are launched in selective countries as of now and will be out globally shortly. 

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