Indian Army comes up with a more secured messaging app known as SAI

Indian Army has always looked for and developed highly secure applications and, at the same time, efficiently used them. Contact via any commonly used application can be risky. For security purposes, Indian Army came up with a Secure Application for the Internet, which indicates SAI. The main motto for developing the app is to avoid leakage of personal data or the data they share.

Features of SAI:

Like other communicating platforms, the application will provide secure voice, text, and video calling services and be very secure. The team developed the platform so that officials can share information. They can contact inimical intelligence agencies without letting the enemies know about anything. Compared to the services provided by the globally used application WhatsApp, SAI’s services will seem similar. The end-to-end encryption messaging protocol and local in-house servers and coding will be available via the application.

The application does not support iOS and is in progress. Vetted by CERT-in-impaneled auditor and Army Cyber Group, the platform is very safe for the army to use. Intellectual Property Rights hosting the infrastructure on NIC is currently under development. Well, the army will be using the platform within the service for communicating with officials.

Development of SAI:

Colonel Sai Shankar was the person who developed the platform. After that, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh reviewed the well-developed app. It was meeting the military-grade standards perfectly. India has banned around 59 Chinese apps. Well, all the military officers until now-deleted around 89 apps. They mostly originate from China. The instruction is not to leave even the slightest way for getting the data out from the army. Applications including Tinder, TikTok, Zoom, and Facebook, and much more are entirely not available for military officers. SAI’s platform is now replacing WhatsApp as they cannot have it on their devices. After observing China’s and Pakistan’s online espionage agents who tried to steal data, army rules have gotten stricter. They can now communicate in this safe platform itself.

Swetha Sivakumar

Swetha Sivakumar

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