Images of A14 RAM component for upcoming iPhone 12 series

As we all know, Apple generally releases it’s new series of phones in the month of September. But this year because of the Covid-19 situation we all were expecting a little delay in the release of the next iPhone. Apple stopped sending their engineers to work in China because of the pandemic. Delay is obvious in the Current distanced world and especially to Apple who has it’s major manufacturing operations in China. But from recent rumors the launch of iPhone 12 series might happen sooner than expected, even the images of A14 RAM component of iPhone 12 series is also leaked.

Apple will be announcing the upcoming iPhone 12 series in around September but actually releasing the phones in or after October.

We found the A14 RAM pictures out by @Mr.White so obviously it will be having the 5-nm A14 chip in it which will be the fastest and battery efficient chip when released. Let’s see what else we know about the coming phone. The major rumor we got to know is about the camera. 

We do know Apple does the justice to the camera but now we heard that it will get even better. Previously Largan and Genius were the suppliers for the camera’s lens but from now on the suppliers would be Semco and Sunny. The Semco and Sunny are high quality optical lenses. They are said to be the best lens suppliers . So we can expect better camera quality on iPhones to give a tough competition to the rivals.

Apple also tried to change their display from Samsung to LG, but not completely. Most of the part is still Samsung.

There will be a total of 4 phones in the 12 series (2 in the Pro series and 2 in the other). In the pro version, one will be a 6.1-inch screen and the other one with a 6.7-inch screen, both with OLED panels. It could be equipped with the 120hz Pro motion display like in the iPad Pro. The A14 chipset with a 6gb RAM can be expected.

There also might be a 5.4 inch iPhone 12, the much smaller one. This might be the best phone in the pocket fit phones. This will be slightly bigger than the SE. iPhone 12 series must come with a 5G support to compete with the rivals and meet the necessities of the current technology.

There would be a little upgrade in the batteries. The 6.1-inch model’s capacity would be 2,815mAh. The iPhone 12 is said to have a 2,227mAh battery, while the iPhone 12 Max could feature a 2,775mAh battery. ( still not sure of the variant names) The price will start at $649 (₹ 48,600 roughly) for the 5.4-inch variant, whereas it will start at $749(₹ 56,000) for the 6.1-inch variant.

The release event will be happening virtually as we don’t want to risk the health of anyone. 



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