How to verify Instagram Account ?

Instagram is social media that are trending now. Instagram is most favorite social media by users compares to other social media. If your followers are more than enough you should apply for verification. Reason behind this is if you have more amount of followers then people are creating fake-id. In this case verify badge is playing role.

What is verify badge ?


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Verify badge is sign (Symbol) that denotes account is verified. If you are an Instagram user then you should apply for this

Requirement for Verification

  1. Your account should be public (Before apply for verification make your account public)
  2. You have at least 20K Followers
  3. Post Daily 1 Post and 1 Story
  4. You sohuld have more amount of profile visitor
  5. If you have company/ brand/ organization, it is easy for verification
  6. If your account will not verified, you can re-apply for this

Follows the rules

  1. Follow the rules. If Instagram’s moderators feel that you are not following their Terms of Use or Community Guidelines, you can kiss your chances of getting verified goodbye.
  2. Be real. And we mean that literally. Your account needs to represent a real person, a registered business, or an established organization. That also means no inspirational meme pages or parody accounts will be considered.
  3. Be notable. Random people can’t just get the blue Instagram badge by asking nicely. You or your brand must be featured in multiple news sources, be highly searched for, and be well known to the general public. Being featured in paid or promotional content doesn’t count.
  4. Only request verification for one account. According to Instagram, your account needs to be “the unique presence of the person or business it represents.” You can’t have multiple verified accounts for yourself or your brand, basically. The only exception is for language-specific accounts (like McDonald’s Denmark vs McDonald’s Italy, for example).
  5. Finish setting up your profile. You can’t get verified on Instagram if your account doesn’t have a bio, a profile picture, and at least one post.
  6. Be public. Private accounts can’t get verified, plain and simple.
  7. Don’t link to other social networks. If your profile contains links to follow your accounts on other social channels, your request is doomed.
  8. Don’t lie. If you provide “false or misleading information” when applying for verification, you will have your verified badge removed and face possible suspension or even a permanent ban from Instagram.

How to apply for verification ?

Steps for verify instagram account

  1. Open your Instagram Application
Instagram Techaedgar 1

2. Then go to setting

Insagram Techaedgar 2

3. Then go to account

Instagram TechAedgar 3

4. Then go to Request Verification

Instagram TechAedgar 4

5. Enter all the details with photo id proof

Instagram TechAedgar 5

6. The Click on send

verify instagram account
verify instagram account

After sending the verification details, Instagram takes 3-4 days of review time. Then they will send a message on feed.

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