How to save Backup of your E-mails in Gmail

Backing up has always been said to be our “friend in need”. Whether it’s your photos, videos, contacts, messages, or emails, everything NEEDS a backup. In the present time, where the hackers are just looking for an opportunity to peep into your important stuff so they could hold all the aces, it’s your duty to get everything backed up and safe. Also, if the case gets worse, you could lose your emails and you might even lose your precious Gmail account (scary enough?). Here we have some tips on how to backup your Gmail, so stay tuned.

Even though Gmail is the best possible email client, still there are chances people might want to move onto other services like Outlook or Mailbird. In such a situation, just backing up the emails is not enough, you need to save the backup as well. This article is all about saving your Gmail backup so let’s get started!

Learn these useful tips to save backup of your emails in Gmail:

The tool ‘Takeout’ is literally our savior as it has made the process of backing up Gmail such an effortless task. Takeout gives you the power of choice, what I mean to say is you can choose any specific data and file type. Not just this, it also lets you choose any delivery method of your choice including emails and cloud services like Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, and Box (unfortunately Apple iCloud is not on the list). It is important to note that you don’t get a specific time frame for exporting the archived files neither can you send heavy files (more than 2GB) in a single file. The file will be exported in multiple small files.  

Now let’s read out the steps:

  1. Open on a web browser from your computer and sign in to your Google account.
  2. Scroll down until you see the Account Storage section. Now you have to check how much storage is left on your Google Account.
  3. Under Privacy & Personalisation, click the Manage your data & personalisation option
  4. Now, scroll down and stop when you see “Download your data”. Select this option and then select Export from the options of Export or Delete data
  5. In this step, Google Takeout Page will be opened. You will have a list of Google services from which you will be able to download the preferred data. If you want to backup only emails, you have to deselect all the options except emails.
  6.  Now, scroll down and check the box when you see the Mail option. (Important Note: The user settings are in JSON format whereas the messages and attachments in the Gmail account are in MBOX format. It might be possible that you receive duplicate copies of some messages as labels are applied to entire threads. It’s completely your pick if you want to export all the emails or some specific ones.)
  7. Click on the next step button
  8. In this step you will get two options, one is exporting a copy of the content in your Google Account in order to back it up and the other is using the backup outside Google. You also get the choice of selecting your preferred file type, destination, and frequency.
  9. There will be two file types, zip, and tgz. It will be completely your wish to choose any option but I’d suggest you go for zip because of its popularity.
  10. After selecting the destination and file type, click on Create Export. Also, if your file is more than 2GB, it will be exported in multiple files.

So, we are done now! Your emails will show up within a few hours or days.

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