How to record WhatsApp calls on IOS and Android Devices

WhatsApp is now providing great call services in terms of audio and video call. WhatsApp is supporting both services and you can easily switch to audio call while you are in video call. There are lots-off application that providing voice calls but you want to record a whatsapp call then you should install some screen recording app that supports system sound recording. That app must be supporting system sound record, reason behind this is you also wants to record the voice of that person which is currently now on our line. The sound of another person known as System Sound and you can’t record it without system sound recording application.


record whatsapp calls on ios

In IOS devices screen recording is in-built software feature, you don’t need to install some third party application for recording a whatsapp call. When you are on call then you need to just swipe up and open your navigation panel. You will see screen recording icon there. You must be turn on microphone option to record your voice. When you click on screen recording icon, recording will start and when you off the recording then again click on recording icon.


For Android there are some device that have in-built screen recording feature. But lots-off device doesn’t have this feature. If your deice doesn’t have screen recording feature than you should download some third party application. This type of application easily available on Play Store. Here are some most popular recording application that available on play store. 1) DU Recorder 2) AZ Screen Record.

record whatsapp calls on android

Once you installed the application, app requires some microphone services and storage services. When you click on record button it will start screen recording immediately. When you need to turn-off recording then again tap on record button and after that you can play your recordings. There are some advantages of third party application, they provided extra feature like screen recording resolution you can scale up to 1440p / 1080p (Depending your device capability), you can also adjust fps. By using this method you can’t record just only Whatsapp calls but you can also record calls for some other social media like instagram, facebook messanger, hike.

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