How to maintain 100% battery health of your iPhone

From iOS 11.3, Apple started to provide battery accuracy related information to users of their iPhone. Apple introduced this feature as “Battery Health”, this feature basically shows the health accuracy in terms of percentage. As per the daily usage and battery cycle, this feature indicates health. If you’re looking for maintaining the battery health at 100% of your iPhone then you’re on the right page.

Users can use this feature by going to the “Battery” section under the “Settings” application. If you’re on iOS 11.3 or letter, you can use this feature and you will get the information related to the battery. This feature also indicates a warning if the battery that is inserted in mobile is not genuine.

100% battery health iPhone

When you buy a new iPhone, the battery health must be at 100%. It means if you charge the device full, you can use the 100% battery health. Basically it shows the accuracy of the battery, this will decrease as time will pass. Battery Health of the iPhone is calculated through the battery cycle and maintenance of battery.

If your iPhone contacts sunlight directly and that happens with you daily, it will heats-up and that will impact on your phone battery life negatively. In this case if your iPhone hits-up it will generate heat on the battery part also. It will lose more battery health compared to normal temperature.

As per Apple, if your device battery health is less than 80%, you must change your battery. After changing the battery you will get decent battery life, but the new battery must be genuine. We recommend you to change your battery through Apple official service center.

If you change your iPhone battery through any local market shop, maybe they replace your battery with a duplicate one. There are lots-of local shop owners doing this, it may be their business but we must be beware from this.

When and How to charge your iPhone !

The biggest question that arrives on your mind right now is how and when to charge the iPhone ! Here are some best tips to charge your device efficiently and it will take less battery cycle to compare to a normal one.

You must have to charge your device when you reach 20% percent of battery. If your device battery is dead and you put on charging, it will take complete one battery cycle to charge the device. It requires more power if your device battery is completely dead. Put on charging the device when the battery reaches 20% and charge it to 80-85%. If you maintain this daily, you can maintain your iPhone battery health at 100%.

100% battery health iPhone

Do not charge your device more than 85% because the voltage level of the battery increases with the charging level of the battery, and it will lower your battery life. You might not notice this in the short term but it will affect you in the longer term. Device battery health will be affected if you’re using the device all day in direct sunlight.

Prevent from this

If your device heats-up then you should turn-off for some time to save your battery. While you are driving a car then make sure that your device is not on a dashboard because there the device is directly in contact with sunlight.

Charge your device through the original cable that was provided by the company. There are lots-of alternatives to lightning cable available on the market. If you are planning to buy the other alternatives then make sure that it is a MFi (Made For iPhone) certified. The major benefit of MFi certified cable is they don’t catch the heat and don’t harm your device. (Best MFi cable – Check)

This cable is completely safe and uses the power adapter that is provided by Apple in the device box. Do not use any third party local adapters, you can use any other adapters that are provided by smartphone companies in the box.

If your iPhone supports 5W then must use the 5W adapter and if it supports 18W then use the 18 or 20W power adapters. Higher Watt power adapters will make a problem and maybe there are chances of motherboard failure. So safely use other non Apple cables and adapters. We hope you find the right idea behind this theory to maintain 100% of iPhone battery health.

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