How to install iOS 14 Public Beta 2 in your iPhone

Apple has recently released the new iOS 14 beta version for the public. Previous iOS 14 update that was released by Apple that was a developer beta but this time it is for the general public. That means there are lots-of improvements and bug fixes and users can feel more stability. If you’re looking about how to install iOS 14 public beta 2 on your iPhone then you’re on the right page.  

No new feature is introduced in this public beta version, it is the same like iOS 14 developer preview 2. The main difference is that it’s for public, if we compare to previous iOS 14 developers beta 1 then we can find some new features and improvements.  

But if we compare developer beta 2 and public beta 2, we can’t find any difference. There may be some differences but we can not see them from a user perspective. iOS 14 is a major improvement if we compare it to previous iOS 13 update. This time Apple introduced many new features like widgets, back-tap to action feature, calling screen as a popup and many more.   

Apple always improves the user privacy in every update and this time it will take it to the next level. Users can see which application is running the location, camera, mic, clipboard services in background and can control it. I think Google must implement this type of security level on their operating system “Android” as well.   

If you’re already on any other beta profile (Recommended to iOS 13 beta tester) then first you need to remove it from your profile and then install iOS 14 PB2. If you’re new to these things and never try to install the beta version then you can directly follow the installation steps.   

Make sure to take a backup of your entire iPhone through iCloud or any other method.

How to remove other iOS beta profile ?

iPhone 11 Pro remove beta profile
  1. Go-to your “Setting”
  2. Then go-to “General and choose “Profile”
  3. Now, select the profile which you want to remove
  4. Click on Remove Profile.
  5. Enter your Pass code
  6. Then click on “Remove”. You’re good to go.

How to install iOS 14 Public Beta 2 on your iPhone

  • 1. Go-to your Safari browser (Other browser will not work)
  • 2. Enter
  • 3. Then click on “Sign Up”
install ios 14 public beta
  • 4. Apple will ask your Apple Id account and you can access through your Touch Id or Face Id.
install ios 14 public beta
  • 5. Then select “iOS” and scroll down and click on link “Enroll Your iOS device” that appears under “Get Started”
install ios 14 public beta

  • 6. Scroll down and click on the “Download Profile” button that is present under “Install Profile” section.
install ios 14 public beta
  • 7. Then your browser will ask permission of download the profile, click on “Allow”
install ios 14 public beta
  • 8. Now go-to your device “Setting”
  • 9. Under your name you can see the “Profile Downloaded” option and click on that. (If you can’t see this option, maybe you made a mistake. Follow the previous steps again !)
install ios 14 public beta
  • 10. You can see the iOS 14 Public Beta 2 profile over there and click on “Install”
Tech Aedgar iPhone 11 Pro
  • 11. Enter your pass code and then click on Install. (It means you successfully installed a beta profile on your iPhone)
  • 12. Then go-to “Software Update”
  • 13. Apple will check the update and it will shows the new public beta 2 update and click on “Download and Install”
iPhone 11 Pro beta
  • 14. It will take time and then you’re on iOS 14 with safe and successful installation. You know the next process very well.

What is your thought on iOS 14, let us know through comment section.

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