How to enable private MAC address in iOS 14

Recently, Apple has released new version of iOS, macOS and watchOS in their latest WWDC event. There are tuns of new feature in iOS 14 related design, privacy and security and customization. Users also can private their MAC address in iOS 14 when they are connected to WiFi.

MAC address is a very important part of any devices and the information of address is also most important. iOS 14 developer beta offers to make MAC address to private, and that is amazing.

What is the requirement of this feature ?

MAC address is known as device physical address and every device has their unique physical address. When we connect our device to WiFi or some public network like railway station etc, everyone can see MAC address of every connected device. And there are possibility of hacking our device through our MAC address.

When user private this address through our iOS 14 feature, nobody can see device original MAC address. This feature plays more important part when device connected on public open network. This feature actually mask duplicate MAC address on the original one.

How to enable private MAC address in iOS 14

  • 1. Open your iOS 14 Setting application
  • 2. Then click on WiFi
enable private MAC ios 14
  • 3. Click on connected WiFi network
enable private MAC ios 14
  • 4. Select Use Private Address
enable private MAC ios 14
  • 5. Turn it on

This feature is very important for every iOS 14 users and every user should enable this. While we have been able to do the same in macOS but in iOS it is first time.

Follow the same steps to hide your MAC address and if you want to disable this, then simply switch of Use Private Network toggle. If you don’t aware of this year WWDC event and you want to know what was happened in 2020 event, read our article on WWDC 2020.

We don’t recommend user to install iOS 14 developer beta because it is not a stable version. It has lots-of bugs and it need system improvement.

What you think about this private MAC address feature, do comment below.

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