How to check Battery Health of OnePlus Devices ?

Battery Health has now become the most important part of any device because it shows the real condition of the battery. Battery Health shows the capability and efficiency of the battery at the time through software in terms of percentage. If your device’s Battery Health is 100% that means you can use all of the storage capacity that battery offers. If you are looking for to check battery health of your OnePlus devices then you’re on right page.

This feature is available in major smartphones through some third party applications. Third party applications sometimes show the wrong information about battery and battery health.   

Actually battery health is calculated through total battery cycle count and actual current time battery capacity reading. This some third party application doesn’t have any idea about battery cycle count and actual capacity. Apple has their own “Battery Health” system in built-in software. If any company includes battery related information through built-in software or official application, then it shows the correct information.  

We can’t get the battery health related information in the OnePlus device yet through any official or third party apps yet. But recently OnePlus released their own Hardware Diagnostic application that shows the actual “Battery Health” information about the device. This application is also available for older OnePlus devices like OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T.   

OnePlus Diagnostic features :

OnePlus Diagnostic is only for OnePlus users and it is completely free and any one can download it. Users can diagnose their device’s complete hardware and check the bugs all over the device and hardware.  

check battery health OnePlus Devices

This application offers some other detection of Hardware issues features that listed below

  • Auto Detection Items
    1. Memory
    2. SIM
    3. System Version
  • Manual Detection Items
    1. Sensor
    2. Connection Test
    3. Battery & Charging
    4. Keys
    5. Screen
    6. Camera
    7. Audio
    8. Phone Vibration

You can check your device’s battery health through the “View Battery Status” option that appears on the home screen of the application. Here in the last section you will find the “Battery Health” option. If your device’s battery health is less than 85% then we strongly recommend you to change the battery.  

check battery health OnePlus Devices

If you face any kind of hardware problem related RAM, Battery & Charging, Screen you can use this application. This application is available for all the OnePlus devices that run on Android 6.0 or later. This application is actually published by OnePlus itself on their Chinese site and it is compatible on both OxygenOS and HydrogenOS. What’s your OnePlus device’s battery health, do comment below and if you are unable to check battery health then follow the steps again.

Download OnePlus Diagnostic Application for all OnePlus Devices – Click

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