How to Change home screen app layout in watchOS 7

One of the plan changes in watchOS 7 is the evacuation of the Force Touch signal. The watch will no longer recognize firm pushes on the showcase.

Apple has refreshed numerous applications that recently concealed catches in the Force Touch relevant menu to rather show those controls as onscreen tappable catches.

This additionally influences how to change the home screen format. With past adaptation of watchOS, you could change between list view and framework see basically by immovably pushing on the home screen. Presently, you need to plunge into the Settings application.

The evacuation of Force Touch in watchOS 7 follows a year after Apple stripped 3D Touch usefulness in iOS 13. This foreshadowed the expulsion of the 3D Touch pressure touchy equipment in the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro.

It doesn’t appear to be difficult to envision that an up and coming Apple Watch will likewise drop the Force Touch sensor.

This could empower more slender showcase boards and account for other interior parts, and furthermore speak to a cost putting something aside for Apple. The up and coming age of Apple Watch is relied upon to be disclosed in the fall.

In watchOS 6 and earlier discharges, you could immovably push on the honeycomb lattice to uncover the rundown see switch.

This is not, at this point conceivable in watchOS 7 as the framework no longer separates between a long press and firm weight. Attempting the old method to change to list see in watchOS 7 will basically purpose your applications to wiggle and enter honeycomb framework altering mode.

Thus, in watchOS 7, lattice view or rundown see is presently an unequivocal inclination in Settings:

watchOS 7
Credit: 9to5Mac

How to change to list view or grid view home screen in watchOS 7

  • Wake your Apple Watch and press the Digital Crown to go to the honeycomb grid home screen.
  • Tap on the Settings app
  • Scroll down and select ‘App View’
  • Select List View from the App Layout menu.

Now, you can exit Settings and see the list view layout. You can switch back by going back into Settings and choosing the Grid View layout.

This home screen layout options is a good example of how removing Force Touch has a notable consequence on the watch experience.

Previously, switching between grid and list view felt like a simple toggle: just press on the honeycomb grid and check out the alphabetical list in a pinch. Now in watchOS 7, with the option buried deeper in the system, it feels more like an intentional choice: do you want to use list or grid view permanently?

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