How is the sleep tracking feature on Apple watchOS 7 Beta?

We all know that Apple has announced the most required feature for their Apple watch users, the sleep tracking feature which basically tracks your sleeping habits such as time slept, time awake between sleeps and so on. This feature is so essential for people who want to have a perfect sleep schedule in their daily life. Now let’s talk about how the sleep tracking feature works on the apple watch with watchOS 7 and everything about it.

Putting a sleeping schedule to your life may not sound any useful for few people but for those who have a very busy schedule until that time of the night would like to be reminded by someone or something on when to sleep and when to wake up for a peaceful mind.

Especially during this pandemic time people are kind of disturbing their sleeping habits as we don’t have a tight daily schedule like before. It is essential for human beings to have a good amount of sleep everyday at particular timings.

In the native Health app, there’s a new sleep tab which lets you create one or multiple schedules accordingly on what time you’d like to go to sleep and wake up. There is another feature called the automatic sleep mode, which you can set as per your wish, that turns on the DND mode on your iPhone and restricts any unnecessary notifications. It also tracks the time you have used your Phone during the sleeping hours you have set.

You can also set the watch to remind you to start getting ready to sleep about half an hour before the time you set, where the Phone and watch gives a nudge. About the sleep data, the watch does not actually give you all the details like the amount of light sleep, deep sleep or REM sleep like most other fitness trackers.

When Apple actually announced this feature on their watchOS 7, many were doubtful on the way it works, mainly the accuracy. You can Install many third party applications available on your Apple watch like those which track your sleep data more detailed and accurately if you don’t feel like trusting or depending on the native sleep app.

But comparatively, Apple watch seemed to give a better result in terms of accuracy in a few tests performed by many fitness tracker testers.

The major concern for users about choosing a fitness tracker among apple watches and other, should be the battery. The battery backup on the Apple watch is not so great compared to the others. Also, the official public watchOS 7 is yet to be released and obviously will be better than the beta version. On receiving more and more updates the features and performance of the watch will go up.

Apple watch is surely a good choice for those who are looking for a fitness tracker. Not only the sleep data, but other small features on the watch gives a premium feel when used. The upcoming Apple watch Series 6 is expected to have many great upgrades so let’s wait for Apple to launch it. What you think about this sleep tracking feature on watchOS 7 public beta, do comment below.

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